Komerční banka Confirms Its Digital Banking Leadership in the Czech Republic

For the processing of banking transactions, Komerční banka has selected an innovative platform from Temenos, the world’s leading supplier of banking software. This is a major investment from which primarily the bank’s clients will benefit. Its simplified and consolidated internal IT environment will help Komerční banka to bring innovations and new products and services to the Czech market at a quicker pace.

12. 1. 2021 8:30

The modernisation of its core system constitutes the crucial step in Komerční banka’s long-term strategy to become the digital banking leader in the Czech Republic. One of the key and natural objectives is increasing its clients’ satisfaction even more and improving the overall customer experience for them.

“We have selected the new software platform because of its robust design and also its open and modern architecture. We are delighted to have an opportunity to benefit from the expertise and experience of Temenos, whose clients include the world’s largest financial institutions. It is important for us to work with a partner who shares our approach to innovation and who will help us to use the latest technologies now and in the future. Our objective is to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction in the market. Thanks to the new software platform we can work in agile, flexible, and effective manner and so, ultimately, innovate faster and bring an added value to our clients.”

Jan Juchelka, Komerční banka’s Chairman and CEO

“Komerční banka is a strong and stable financial institution. It offers the best services in the market to its clients and it is well known for its positive approach to innovation. Thanks to our Transact platform, it will be able to continue these efforts more effectively, i.e. launch new products much faster and at lower costs. This constitutes a big competitive advantage that will help Komerční banka to expand its customer base, thereby boosting its market share even in a situation where increasing competition and new regulatory requirements are generating pressures on margins across the sector.”

Jean-Michel Hilsenkopf, the Chief Operating Officer at Temenos

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