We guarantee the settlement
of your cheques

All cheques are
100% honored

Immediate payment to a KB account free of charge

Amount not limited in any way for cheques issued by a bank transfer

You can countermand or return cheques to the bank

Payment to beneficiary - even without their bank details


  • Settlement of business payments – e.g. bank guarantee, letter of credit

  • Settlement of other liabilities – magazine subscription, tuition or accommodation at seminars

How to get this product?

By phone

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At a branch

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  • Bank cheques may be used by individuals and businesses
  • Cheques are issued directly by us (KB) – we guarantee the cheque settlement
  • We do not guarantee the settlement of any countermanded, lost or stolen cheque
  • We issue cheques on the basis of your written order
  • Cheque amount and fees are paid at the moment it is issued.
  • The check can be issued to the recipient or the bearer.
  • Cheques are not suitable for net settlements – most banks charge a fee for cheque settlement, to be paid by recipient
  • KB Bank Cheques are available in the following currencies: CZK, CAD, EUR, GBP, NOK, SEK
  • KB Bank Cheques may be issued by means of a bank transfer from all types of current accounts – unlimited amount
  • Cheques may be sent to recipient’s address (mail or DHL)
  • We immediately cash valid cheques at our branches, in compliance with terms and conditions for cheque cashing (other banks cash cheques in compliance with cheque regulations of relevant jurisdictions and their applicable business terms and conditions)
  • Cheques may be returned (in case a contract is annulled or otherwise) – funds are immediately transferred to your account or paid out in cash
  • Cheques may also be countermanded (stop payment) in case:
    • They are lost or stolen
    • After expiration of the period foreseen by law (funds are transferred to your account or paid out in cash after the stop payment is accepted by a foreign bank; cheques in CZK - after expiration of the period foreseen by law)