How to insert QR codes into invoices?

QR codes may be added to any invoice or billing. The easiest way is to create these codes in your accounting system.

Create QR codes based on the payment type

Your QR payment should include

Only the beneficiary’s bank account number is mandatory.

Optional information:

  • Amount and currency
  • Variable symbol
  • Constant symbol
  • Specific symbol
  • Payment (maturity) date
  • Message for beneficiary

Creating QR codes

In case you use an accounting or ERP system to issue your invoices, check with your supplier if QR payments are supported. Alternatively, you can write the name of the supplier and software to us and we will verify it for you.

Moreover, you can use freely available source codes for creating and validating QR payments, e.g. at

Associated charges

There are no additional charges associated with QR payments. With their open and simple format, these payments may be easily and quickly implemented in your projects. Format documentation and relevant libraries for creating and reading QR codes are available free of charge.

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