How to submit SIPO?

Go to your internet banking -Payments - Direct debit, SIPO, O2 agreement - SIPO agreement 

Remember the following

Find out your connection number

It will be assigned to you by Česká pošta (Czech Post). It is also shown on the specification of your SIPO payments

Do not forget your limit

For each SIPO payment, you have to define a maximum limit. We cannot accept your SIPO order without such limit defined

Mind the date

In order for SIPO to take effect from the following month, you have to submit it by 20th day of the preceding month

You might also like to know

  • SIPO - or direct debit of multiple payments – is a service provided by Česká pošta (Czech Post). It allows you to combine several regular direct debits into a single payment (e.g. rent, telephone, radio).
  • It will be settled between the 11th and 13th day of each month. In case your account balance is not sufficient, we will try again between 19th and 21st day of the month.