I lost my payment card. What should I do?

Report it as soon as possible!

Contact us right away at + 420 955 512 230 from the Czech Republic or abroad. 

Step by step

Have you lost your card, been robbed, or have you noticed suspicious transactions in your account?

  • Call KB Card Support +420 955 512 230 as soon as possible. We will immediately block your card (at the bank we call this process stop-payment) so that no one can misuse it. We will then issue you a new card, which will arrive by post to your address within a few days, or you can pick it up at a branch. KB card support is available 24/7, we are happy to help you even in the middle of the night or on holidays. Attention, card blocking is irreversible - if you find your lost card after the bank has blocked it, unfortunately you will no longer be able to use it.
  • Have you lost not only your card, but also your entire wallet including documents? We understand that you cannot be without cash in such an unpleasant situation. Come to any of our branches and explain what happened. Bank advisors are able to verify your identity even without an ID card. As part of the so-called emergency mode, you can withdraw up to CZK 6,500 from your account to cover necessary expenses before we issue you a new card.

How else can I cancel my payment card?

At any branch

Find your nearest branch

At card associations’ helpines

Based on your card type, call:

+14105819994 (Visa)
+16367227111 (MasterCard)

From the moment you report a stolen/lost payment card (i.e. cancellation) we shall be liable for any loss incurred as a result of the loss, theft or unauthorised use of your card.

Other information

Anyone else can also block the card for you (e.g. wife, colleague, etc.) 24/7 KB card support +420 955 512 230. You can also call the same number from abroad.

If you do not refuse to issue a new one when the card is blocked, we will automatically issue you a card with a new number and PIN for the fee specified in our tariff. You can change the PIN for the new card at any time at the ATM.

Are you used to paying with your mobile phone or watch? We will automatically upload the new card to your mobile device.

Did you know that you can have your card insured against loss or theft? Check out Merlin Insurance. We have Profi Merlin insurance for entrepreneurs.

If you forgot your card at the cottage, for example, and you know for sure that you haven't lost it, lock it to be safe. In MojeBanka internet banking or the Mobile Bank application, go to the card settings and click the "Lock" button. You cannot pay or withdraw cash with a locked card. You unlock the card in the same way at any time. The difference with blocking is that in this case the bank does not take responsibility for damages caused by theft or loss.

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