I lost my payment card. What should I do?

Contact us as soon as possible

Call us at +420 955 512 230. We will permanently cancel your payment card and advise you on the next steps to be taken.

Step by step

Did you lose your payment card or was it stolen? Have you noticed suspicious transactions in your account statement/history?

  1. Contact the KB Card Customer Service at +420 955 512 230 as soon as possible. We will immediately cancel your payment card in order to prevent any unauthorized use thereof. We can subsequently issue a new payment card to you – it will arrive at your address by mail in a few days. The KB Card Customer Service is available 24/7 – we will be happy to assist you in the middle of the night or during public holidays. Please note that if you have your payment card cancelled by the bank, such cancellation is irreversible – if you later find it, you will not be able to use it anymore.

You can also cancel your card…

At any branch

Find the nearest branch

Via individual card associations

Depending on your payment card type, call:
+14105819994 (Visa)
+16367227111 (MasterCard)

Additional information

You can also have another person (e.g. your spouse, colleague, etc.) handle the card cancellation process through the KB Card Customer Service at +420 955 512 230 that is available 24/7. You can call the aforementioned number from abroad as well.

If you wish to apply for a new payment card during the card cancellation process, it will be issued to you - with a new card number and PIN – for a fee according to our Pricelist. You can change the new card’s PIN at any time using an ATM.

Do you often use your mobile phone or smartwatch to make payments? It will only take a few minutes to upload and use your new card in your device.

Did you know that we offer payment card insurance that covers the risk of loss and theft of your payment cards? To find out more, see our Merlin insurance. There is also Profi Merlin insurance for business clients.

If you simply forgot your payment card somewhere, e.g. at your weekend house, and you are certain that you have not lost it, you can lock it just in case. Use the KB+ application in your mobile phone or computer (or MojeBanka Internet banking / Mobilní banka application, as appropriate), go to card settings and click the “Lock” button. You cannot use a locked card to make payments or cash withdrawals. It can be locked at any time in the same manner.

Save the KB Card Customer Service details

Use your mobile phone camera to scan the QR code and save the details for KB Card Customer Service.

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