Step 1

After logging in to the MojeBanka internet banking, choose „Accounts“ from the menu and then „Link an account from another bank“ from the 1st column.

Step 2

Choose Wüstenrot from the list of banks and click on „Continue“. You will be redirected to the Wüstenrot internet banking.

Step 3

You will need to enter your registration number instead of the email address, and log in as usual.

Step 4

After logging in, you will see a screen with information that you request has been processed.

Step 5

You will be asked to give permission in order to link your Wüstenrot account to Komerční banka. You can give your consent by clicking the "I agree" button.

Step 6

In order to fully authorize the connection, you need to enter a code in the 2nd step of the login. You will receive the code via SMS to your mobile phone connected to your Wüstenrot account.

Step 7

You will be redirected back to the MojeBanka internet banking.

Step 8

Your Wüstenrot accounts are successfully linked to the MojeBanka internet banking. You will see all your linked accounts in one place.