From 11/10 to 11/14/2022, some services will be restricted

You can pay by card and withdraw from ATMs as normal. However, short-term outages may occur

We recommend

  • If your card is locked, be sure to unlock it before 11/10
  • Set sufficient limits for card payments to yourself and your cardholders
  • If you plan to pay by card online, enable this type of payment
  • Make sure you remember your PIN

Payments and cash withdrawals

Card, mobile and watch payments will work without restrictions

  • Payments in physical stores
  • Payments on the Internet
  • Cash withdrawals from ATMs

During the system change in the period from 11/10 to 11/14, however, there may be short-term outages.

ATM deposits

Depositing cash into the ATM will not be possible from Friday 11 November from 20:00.

During Monday 11/14, ATM deposits will resume working as usual.

Limitation of Services

During the transition to the new system, some services at branches, by phone and online will be temporarily limited from 11/10 to the afternoon of 11/14.

Service Limitations Branch/ATM Call Centre MojeBanka & Mobilní banka app We recommend
Debit card arrangement

From 11/11/20222
(5 pm)

From 11/11/20222
(5 pm)

From 11/9/20222
(6 pm)

Order your card before or after 11/14
Credit card arrangement From 11/9/2022
(8 pm)
From 11/4/2022

From 11/8/2022
(5 pm)

Order your card before or after 11/14
Editing card parameters

From 11/10/20222
(1 pm)

From 11/10/20222
(1 pm)

From 11/10/20222
(1 pm)

Set up your card before or after 11/14
Arranging other services (My travel insurance and Assistance services for cyclists)

From 11/9/20222
(7 pm)

From 11/9/20222
(7 pm)

From 11/9/20222
(7 pm)

If you plan to go abroad, take out insurance by 7 pm on 11/9 at the latest

The reporting of insurance events is not affected by the restrictions

ATM deposits From 11/11/2022 (8 pm)     Deposit money outside the restriction period
Changing the PIN at the ATM From 11/10/2022 (12 am)     Change your PIN outside of the restriction period
Obnovení KB klíče/hesla From 11/12/2022 (8 pm)     Perform outside the restriction period
Card payments From 11/10/2022 (8 pm)     Perform outside the restriction period
Digitization of card including wallet     From 11/10/2022 (1 pm) Digitize the card outside the restriction period

Why are we changing the system?

  • New, safe and modern system
  • Improved system stability and fewer crashes
  • New features

Custom card design

As of October 1, 2022, the offer of cards with MojeKarta's own design is temporarily suspended, with the exception of children's Junior cards. The reason is the upcoming transition to an improved system for managing our payment cards.

In the new system, the design selection process in the MojeKarta service will be easier.

Other changes

  • For example, you will now be able to set a financial limit for card payments on the Internet, starting from the introduction of the new version of mobile or Internet banking after changing the conditions.
  • Prestige Corporate Cards are no longer part of our offer. From 10/28/2022, we will replace them with a Silver corporate card during automatic renewal. If you had a Prestige Corporate Card with your own design, we will keep it with your new card. Charges will be governed by the current Tariff.
  • If we send you a new card after the terms have changed, we will deliver it to the contact address we have on file with you or to your residential address.
  • We will send you a PIN or 3D Secure payment details to the phone number we have on file with you. For business cards, you can enter a different payment card delivery address / phone number different from the cardholder's contact address / phone.
  • From 1 November 2022, the annual fee for personal debit cards will be changed to monthly (see point 3.1 of the Debit Card Terms and Conditions). Personal debit cards taken out before this date will switch to monthly billing in the month the prepaid annual price expires.
    • Example: If the validity is marked on the card as 5/24, then the first monthly fee will be charged during June 2023 and then always on the same day (or next business day) in the following months. The prices agreed directly in the contract for the debit/credit card remain valid according to the wording in the contract/addendum.