In the event of
incapacity for work 

Up to
CZK 10,000 a month

Arrange coverage without any medical questionnaire

Insurance covers any events abroad

Two insurance policies can be taken out for a single account

Up to CZK 100,000 in the event of death


  • Rent and utility payments

  • Telephone and internet charges

  • Garage or parking payments

  • Education payments and school fees

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  • Accident insurance that covers the risk of long-term incapacity for work, disability or death as a result of an accident
  • Based on the insured event type and selected programme, you or your family will receive up to CZK 10,000 a month
  • In the event of sudden death as a result of an accident, we will pay up to CZK 100,000 to your family within 48 hours
  • You can take out one or two insurance policies for a single account: for the account holder and also for the authorised person
  • Insurance term of one year with automatic renewal until the age of 66 (inclusive) of the insured person
  • Insurance benefits are not subject to income tax
  • Simple contract conclusion without any medical questionnaire
  • Insurance also covers any events abroad

The amount of insurance benefits will be determined on the basis of your regular payments sent from your current account in KB.

You can select one of 4 insurance programmes: Klasik / Klasik+ and Extra / Extra+. The Extra / Extra + insurance programmes also cover the risk of job loss.

For the purpose of insurance benefits, regular payments mean any monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual payments made from a KB account to service providers such as:

  • Lease/sublease payments
  • Electricity and gas payments
  • Payments for external heating and hot water
  • Water / drainage rates
  • Contributions to the ‘repair fund’
  • Members’ contributions for cooperative housing
  • Telephone, radio, and television charges
  • Payment for data services - Internet
  • Education payments and school fees
  • Payments for garage or parking space
  • And other payments, with the exception of loan instalments


Form of insurance benefits:

  • Regular monthly insurance benefits
    • 1/12 of total annual outgoings paid from a KB current account during the last 12 months before the insured event
    • Maximum amount depends on the selected insurance programme
    • The amount is paid out for no more than 12 months or for the duration of the insured event


  • Lump-sum insurance benefits
    • Fixed amount paid out within 48 hours from the moment an insured event is notified and all necessary documents delivered
    • Lump-sum insurance benefits depend on the selected insurance programme
    • Funds are paid out on a one-off basis to a specified current account with any bank in the Czech Republic via credit transfer

See the limits of insurance benefits for individual programmes in the following table:

Petr had a car accident that initially resulted in a month-long hospitalisation and then incapacity for work for 7 months. Before his accident, Petr was making the following monthly payments from his KB account:

  • Electricity:                              CZK 2,500
  • Telephone and internet         CZK 2,000
  • Water and drainage rates                 CZK 1,000
  • Garage space                                    CZK 1,500
  • Motor TPL insurance CZK 500
  • Children’s schooling              CZK 2,000

Petr’s total outgoings amount to CZK 9,500.

In case of the Klasik programme (CZK 39 per month), Petr will receive CZK 5,000 for 7 months (with a one-month waiting period). The total benefits will thus amount to CZK 35,000.


In case of the Klasik+ programme (CZK 69 per month), Petr will receive CZK 9,500 for 7 months (with a one-month waiting period). The total benefits will thus amount to CZK 66,500.

This insurance is available for individuals between the ages of 18 and 65, both Czech and foreign nationals, having a KB current account in CZK (or rights of disposal to such account).

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