Generate returns on your savings
in a simple and effective manner

With as little as CZK 500 a month

Select from more than 100 funds

Make regular and one-off investments

Invest in CZK and other currencies

Regular tips for attractive investments


  • With investment funds, you can invest in several assets at once (equities, bonds, real estate, etc.), thereby reducing your risk of loss in case of market fluctuations

  • Select from more than 100 funds offered by KB and Amundi, the largest European asset manager

  • You can invest in your internet banking MojeBanka or Mobilní banka  

  • With collective investments in funds, you can – together with other investors – invest in assets that would otherwise be difficult to acquire for you individually

  • Investment in funds serve as effective protection of savings against inflation and may bring higher returns compared to savings accounts

  • Make one-time and regular investments or use services of an investment manager



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  • Invest in investment funds and benefit from the financial markets returns
  • Invest in securities in the form of one-off investments starting at CZK 5,000 or invest regularly from as low as CZK 500 a month
  • You may access your investments within a week
  • We offer funds with different risk profiles and potential returns
Fund category     Expected returns*     Investment horizon (years)     Market volatility
Money market funds Lower; alternative to deposit accounts     1 to 2 years Lower
Bond funds  Medium  More than 2 years  Medium (Based on the fund’s strategy)
Profile funds Based on the fund’s profile strategy     Based on the fund’s profile strategy     Based on the fund’s strategy
Mixed funds Based on the fund’s strategy     Based on the fund’s strategy    Based on the fund’s strategy
Equity funds Higher 5+ years     Higher


For more information necessary to make correct investment decisions, consult our Investment Assistant or use our online application MojePlány.

Remember that each investment involves risk and the potential risk may adequately increase with increasing returns, whereas even the initially invested amount may not be fully recovered. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future performance. Prices of investment funds’ securities may fluctuate in value, in reaction to changing economic conditions, interest rates, as well as the manner, in which the market perceives such securities. Information specified herein does not serve as an investment guide / does not represent investment recommendation to purchase or sell any securities. Final allocations to individual funds and specific decisions concerning the selection of individual investment types are always made at the investor’s sole discretion, whereas it is always necessary to consider specific financial situation, risk tolerance, and investment purpose prior to selecting specific products. Before any decision to invest, investors are advised to carefully review the fund’s Prospectus, which contains detailed information about the fund’s investment strategy and related risks. The fund’s Prospectus is available at or at any branch of Komerční banka.

This site containing investment products and insurance-based investment products is not intended for citizens or residents of the United States of America (USA) or for any “U.S. Person”, as defined in SEC Regulation S under the U.S. Securities Act of 1933. The investment products and insurance-based investment products described on this website are not registered under the U.S. federal securities laws or any other relevant U.S. state laws. Consequently, no investment product may be offered or sold directly or indirectly in the USA, to or for the benefit of residents and citizens of the USA and/or U.S. Persons. This restriction also applies to residents and citizens of the USA and U.S. Persons who may access this website while outside of the USA.

  • Potentially high returns, depending on the development of the market situation relating to securities and the selected investment strategy
  • You select your own investment strategy – from conservative to dynamic – together with the associated risk level and potential returns
  • Revenue from the sale of securities is exempt from individual income tax, provided the investment duration exceeds 3 years and the revenue does not exceed CZK 100,000 per taxable year

How to invest in funds

Regular investments
Open door to great adventures and plans
  • Starting at CZK 500 per month
  • Wide range of investment options
One-time investments
Effective way of generating returns on your savings
  • Invest with a few thousand Czech crowns
  • Simple investments with internet banking
  • Select funds, in which you wish to invest