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Experienced team of portfolio managers


Wide range of underlying assets

Attractive structure of fees


Quick access to money – normally within a week


  • Five alternatives with different investment approach, risk level, and returns

  • Active investment process reflecting financial market changes

  • Regular reporting on current portfolio performance and structure

  • Revenue from the sale of shares may be exempt from income tax


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Select one of several funds:

KB Private Asset Management Flexible – Exclusive

  • Investment solution that adapts and reacts to market changes for you
  • The fund replicates investment strategy of the SG Flexible fund, a successful conservative fund offered to French investors since 2012
  • Flexible fund capitalizes on market potential by investing in equities (up to 30%), as well as in all other available asset classes. The fund structure changes based on current market developments
  • Objective of the fund: Ensure capital growth with minimum fluctuations of your investment

KB Private Asset Management 1 – Exclusive

  • Alternative to a savings account
  • Conservative bond fund
  • Bonds are selected based on their quality and maturity; average maturity of the portfolio cannot exceed 3 years, thereby contributing to fund’s stability. Bonds may be issued by governments, various companies, or banks. Investment grade bonds represent at least 80% of the fund’s bond positions.
  • Objective of the fund: Ensure capital protection and growth and outperform savings or term accounts

KB Private Asset Management 2 and 4 – Exclusive

  • Conservative and dynamic balanced fund
  • Combination of stability (Czech government bonds) and potential of leading and emerging stock markets
  • The funds offer a balanced mix of equity and bond-based investments. The performance primarily comes from stocks, which historically show the best long-term performance of all asset classes (equity, bonds, and cash). The funds’ stability is promoted by bond investments and cash positions. Bond investments exclusively target Czech government bonds, which are one of the safest in the world.
  • Objective of the funds: Ensure protection and capital growth and outperform the funds’ benchmark index

KB Private Asset Management 5D – Exclusive

  • Dividend equity fund
  • The fund’s investment strategy targets shares of global companies that distribute most of their profit in the form of dividends. Compared to the market as a whole, the shares of such companies are more stable and less affected by sudden price fluctuations 
  • Global portfolio structure with investments in all developed and emerging markets
  • The fund offers two classes of shares – distribution (dividend) class and accumulation class. The distribution class distributes all dividends received by the fund to shareholders each year. The accumulation class reinvests any received dividends
  • Objective of the fund: Ensure regular income and capital growth, secure profits for investors from dividend-bearing shares

Please remember:

Each investment involves risk and the potential risk may adequately increase with increasing returns, whereas even the initially invested amount may not be fully recovered. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future performance. Prices of investment funds’ securities may fluctuate in value, in reaction to changing economic conditions, interest rates, as well as the manner, in which the market perceives such securities. Information specified herein does not serve as an investment guide / does not represent investment recommendation to purchase or sell any securities. Final allocations to individual funds and specific decisions concerning the selection of individual investment types are always made at the investor’s sole discretion, whereas it is always necessary to consider specific financial situation, risk tolerance, and investment purpose prior to selecting specific products. Before any decision to invest, investors are advised to carefully review the fund’s Prospectus, which contains detailed information about the fund’s investment strategy and related risks. The fund’s Prospectus is available at www.iks-kb.cz or at any branch of Komerční banka.  

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