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We will also arrange resale of gold

Receive notification of every transaction


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  • Investment gold is available in the form of standard bars with fineness of 999.9/1000 (24 carats) Au
  • We provide 100-gram bars by Münze Österreich and AH (Argor Heraeus) Melter Assayer
  • Gold bars are sealed in a plastic foil
  • We do not guarantee repurchase for our clients; however, we can arrange resale – in case the given transaction can be executed in the market and gold is accepted by counterparty
  • For the purpose of resale, we only accept gold bars sealed in an undamaged original foil
  • Investment gold purchases – orders executed twice a day, for 15 minutes - always at 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm
  • Investment gold sales – orders are executed in the course of the given business day
  • Resale – solely for gold bars originally sold by us
  • You will always receive notification of every completed transaction  
  • Due to fluctuations of gold prices, we advise clients to only invest up to 5% of their assets
  • Profit or loss is affected by fluctuations of gold prices and currency exchange rates
Mediation of purchase or sale of Investmet gold in CZK  
CZK 1-9,999,999     4% of the volume (incl. VAT)
CZK 10,000,000 – and more   individually (incl. VAT)
storage of the Investment gold in CZK     0.3% p.a. of the Investment gold market price


Manipulation with the Investment gold  
Withdrawal of the Investment gold from a portfolio account     free
Transfer of the Investmet gold between portfolio accounts     free


  • Benefit from high returns in case of positive development of the price of gold
  • KB offers not only investment gold purchases, but also gold resale  
  • Free withdrawals and transfers of gold within your portfolio account  
  • Purchased gold may be deposited in our depository or collected at selected branches  
  • Individual transactions are only executed on the basis of your orders and provided they are sufficiently covered – either by gold or money