Special offer for newly concluded
contracts until 31 December 2021

You will receive CZK 1,000 from us
and up to CZK 6,360 from the state

State contributions and tax benefits of up to CZK 6,360 per year


When paying with the A card you get 1% of the amount back to your pension account

Your employer can contribute as well

Potentially attractive returns, depending on the selected strategy

Monthly contribution to pension savings

Monthly participant’s contribution

Monthly state contribution

300 Kč 90 Kč
500 Kč 130 Kč
700 Kč 170 Kč
900 Kč 210 Kč
1000 Kč 230 Kč


Every year, you can get state contributions in the amount of CZK 2,760 and, in addition, reduce your tax base by up to CZK 24,000. In total, you will receive up to CZK 6,300 per year.


  • Calculate how much you can save

  • Get an overview of the progress of your savings by accessing your pension account online


  • Possibility to use preretirement

  • You can execute the relevant Contract online in Mobilní banka


  •  Can be also arranged for your minors

  • You decide on the amount of regular deposits according to your current possibilities


Are you our client?

Get the service online – directly in the Mobilní banka application.

In addition, with CZK 1,000 as a reward for arranging.

By phone

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At a branch

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  • When you select one of life cycle strategies, we will automatically redistribute your money to each participating fund, depending on the number of years you have until your retirement age

  • You can change your retirement savings strategy at any time or choose your own strategy

  • Possibility to use preretirement

  • Thanks to the money saved in supplementary pension savings, you can use the so called preretirement, which allows you to retire as early as 5 years before retirement age and under more favorable conditions than providing early retirement from the state