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Work within the
environment of your
accounting system

Large numbers of transactions automatically executed simultaneously

Constant monitoring of your account transactions

For the same price with MojeBanka Business and Profibanka


In order to use the service, you need a personal certificate on a smart card or a company certificate in a file. See instructions on how you can get it. You now only have to install the service – see how to do that

  • Efficient extension to MojeBanka Business
  • Quick and easy bank account management within the environment of your accounting system will allow you to:  
    • Constantly monitor account transactions
    • Send and download large numbers of payment orders and transactions simultaneously
    • Send domestic and international payments in batches
    • Download transaction history, advices, payment card statements and electronic account statements in PDF
    • Automatic data downloads using a company certificate without the need to use a password
  • State-of-the-art security of communication between you and the bank and when signing orders as part of the service
    • All communication is encrypted
    • Each active transaction requires the user’s electronic signature saved on a smart card

Download the update file version 27.0.3. Download the file through a web browser (and not Direct Channel). 

  • Double click the file to run automatic update  
  • In case the application is installed on several computers, the file may be used for all of them (no need to download it for each computer separately)
  • For Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 operating systems, the update must be initiated by a user with administration rights for the given computer (ideally a computer network admin)
  • Alternatively, you can download the complete installation file and install Direct Channel

The update is mandatory, older version will not work.

In case you need any assistance do not hesitate to contact our free information line at +420 955 551 552 available on workdays from 8am to 10pm.