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Large numbers of transactions automatically executed simultaneously

Constant monitoring of your account transactions

For the same price with MojeBanka Business and Profibanka


In order to use the service, you need a personal certificate on a smart card or a company certificate in a file. See instructions on how you can get it. You now only have to install the service – see how to do that

  • Efficient extension to MojeBanka Business
  • Quick and easy bank account management within the environment of your accounting system will allow you to:  
    • Constantly monitor account transactions
    • Send and download large numbers of payment orders and transactions simultaneously
    • Send domestic and international payments in batches
    • Download transaction history, advices, payment card statements and electronic account statements in PDF
    • Automatic data downloads using a company certificate without the need to use a password
  • State-of-the-art security of communication between you and the bank and when signing orders as part of the service
    • All communication is encrypted
    • Each active transaction requires the user’s electronic signature saved on a smart card

Download the update file version 29.0.0. Download the file through a web browser (and not Direct Channel). 

  • Double click the file to run automatic update  
  • In case the application is installed on several computers, the file may be used for all of them (no need to download it for each computer separately)
  • For Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 operating systems, the update must be initiated by a user with administration rights for the given computer (ideally a computer network admin)
  • Alternatively, you can download the complete installation file and install Direct Channel

The update is mandatory, older version will not work.

In case you need any assistance do not hesitate to contact our free information line at +420 955 551 552 available on workdays from 8am to 10pm.

Integration of accounting systems

Direct Channel is primarily intended for simple and effective communication between your accounting system and the bank.

Simplicity, speed, and reliability of Direct Channel are best used in cooperation with the below specified economic and accounting systems.

When communicating with the bank through the products below, it is possible to conveniently submit payment orders and download bank statements directly from the environment of your accounting system.


Systems, for which Direct Channel is fully integrated and which we recommend using, include the following:

Accounting and economic systems for small and medium-sized enterprises

Economic system Money S3

Solitea, a. s. (formerly Cígler software, a.s.)

Money S3 is one of the most commonly used systems among small and medium-sized enterprises in the Czech Republic. It covers all of their needs – from single-entry accounting to network installations with double-entry accounting, warehouses, orders, and payroll agenda. It is suitable for sole traders and larger companies active in the area of trade and services, as well as non-profit and contributory organisations. It is characterised by simple and convenient controls that allow users to start working with the system almost immediately, thereby benefiting from its capabilities with minimum costs of staff training.

Economic system POHODA

Stormware, s. r. o.

POHODA is a popular accounting software solution for small to medium-sized enterprises, both individuals and legal entities; it has been purchased by more than 100,000 users so far. It is a sector-neutral system, suitable not only for sole traders, businesses and companies engaged in trade and services, but also for non-profit organisations and independent professionals using double-entry accounting.

Accounting and registration system EKONOM

Elisoft, s.r.o.

The accounting and registration system EKONOM is a robust, user-friendly, and affordable accounting software solution intended for small and medium-sized enterprises. The system benefits include intuitive controls, professional support, and – last but not least – great price-performance ratio.

Economic system HELIOS Red

Asseco Solutions, a.s.

The economic system HELIOS Red is a modern software solution for managing a broad business agenda of sole traders and small and medium-sized enterprises that use single-entry or double-entry accounting. It is sector-neutral and thus suitable for various lines of business. Since the system is quite open, it is easy to extend and modify in line with customers’ existing needs. A comfortable link of the solution to online stores is a great benefit. The system implementation is simple and users can easily do it on their own.  

Product line GORDIC WIN&DOS

GORDIC, s. r. o.

The product line GORDIC WIN&DOS is mainly intended for small and medium-sized public administration organisations. This product line offers the following applications: Accounting and budgeting (UCR®), Medium-term budgetary projections, Reporting, Incoming and outgoing invoices, Communication with banks, Treasury, Asset register, Warehouses, Taxes, batches, receivables, Payroll agenda, Human resources management, Catering, and Travel order records. All applications are interconnected by data, thereby ensuring greater efficiency.

Universal accounting system MRP

MRP-Informatics, s. r. o.

This is one of the most widespread accounting systems in the Czech Republic that has mainly gained popularity for its simple controls, exceptional reliability, and attractive prices. It comprises the following basic modules: Single-entry and double-entry accounting, Addresses, Warehouses, Invoices, Tax returns, Payroll agenda and human resources management, Assets, Mail, Retail trade, Restaurants, Journey log, and Transportation.

Visual accounting system MRP

MRP-Informatics, s. r. o.

This is yet another reliable modular accounting system with simple controls, high-quality support, and very attractive prices. This accounting system is particularly suitable for users that require an accounting system with comfortable controls and exclusive, customisable reporting – in addition to pragmatically reliable bookkeeping.

Information system SAFÍR

ARCON Technology s. r. o.

The information system SAFÍR is a solution with fully customisable parameters suitable for dynamically developing users. Information is always available to key personnel right away and in a transparent manner. The system’s benefits include user configurations, tailor-made reporting, and simple system adjustments.


Accounting and economic systems for medium-sized and larger enterprises


Asseco Solutions, a.s.

The information system HELIOS Orange is the most widespread system in the segment of small and medium-sized enterprises. It has been on the market since 1994, finding its way to more than 5,610 customers. It is built on the basis of a client/server multilayer architecture that ensures maximum data security, stability, and speed. In addition to economic agenda, it also comprises trade and service management, process management for manufacturing companies, human resources management, document management, transportation and forwarding, agriculture, and a number of other specific areas. HELIOS Orange is known for many sector-specific solutions. It also comprises Business Intelligence, CRM, and Workflow modules as standard.


Asseco Solutions, a.s.

The enterprise information system HELIOS Green is a modern ERP system that namely offers uniformity and comprehensiveness, support for strategic decision-making, control of financial flows, and comfortable support in line with the currently applicable legislation. Functionalities such as Business Intelligence, CRM, Controlling, Workflow, Electronic document system, and HELIOS Mobile, that ensures perfect solution mobility and access from anywhere and at any time, are naturally included in the package. HELIOS Green covers all industry solutions and specifics of your business. Furthermore, the entire HELIOS Green team will provide you with reliable and permanent support that is really appreciated by customers.



ABRA Software a.s.

ABRA Gen is an exceptionally comprehensive ERP system that reliably covers enterprise processes of medium-sized to larger companies. It facilitates business management – from CRM, through warehouse management, production, services, to bookkeeping, reporting, and decision-making support. It centralises all relevant information in a single location, thereby saving time and preventing unnecessary paperwork and administration. It offers quick and accurate real-time management reporting. Automatization, API, and great system customisability save manual labour.


MRP-Informatics, s. r. o.

This 3rd generation accounting system is built on the basis of a client/server architecture. It is one of the most secure and powerful accounting systems with the highest development potential going forward! MRP uses its new DMAL technology for the system that has, inter alia, made it affordable for medium-sized enterprises as well.

Information system GORDIC GINIS

GORDIC, s. r. o.

The information system GINIS is characterised by keeping track of any document from the moment it enters the system to the moment it is processed by any agenda and by linking accounting transactions to primary documents. This is a qualitatively higher approach to organisational agendas – each database entry is supported by a strictly registered and approved document. Its use for efficient management of institutions is characterised by the registration and identification of all operations carried out by individual employees of an organisation, thereby contributing to their personal accountability. The system features a high security class of C2.

Enterprise information system BYZNYS Win

Solitea, a. s. (formerly J.K.R. spol. s r.o.)

The BYZNYS Win system is a client/server multilayer application that is based on the Microsoft SQL Server database platform. It is designed to meet high demands of users in terms of processed data volumes and processing complexity and outputs. It offers solutions for different areas of deployment (services, retail trade, wholesaling, production, transportation, etc.). It makes it possible to logistically manage document flows and define special views for individual users.


Solitea, a. s. (formerly Altus Development s.r.o.)

Altus VARIO is a comprehensive ERP system for trading, manufacturing, and distribution companies. It comprises all agendas that might be necessary for business operations. It excels with great customisability, performance sufficient for medium-sized enterprises, and consistent compatibility with MS Office.

Information system SAFÍR PLUS

ARCON Technology s. r. o.

The information system SAFÍR PLUS is primarily intended for trading and manufacturing companies. The system logically interconnects inquiries, offers (proposals), technical preparation of production, calculations, logistics, and production planning and management – all with automatic links to economics and payroll agenda, and with transparent reporting.