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One access to
all accounts in
different banks

All your accounts in a single application

Use SEPA payments and direct debits under special terms

Direct link with your accounting system

Communicate with your bank 24/7


  • Data analysis and consolidation within a single database

  • Application available in Czech and English

  • Maximum protection of payments with state-of-the-art security

  • Continuous online processing of payments


Data exchange takes place at the level of communication between two Multicash servers – MultiCash server (MCB) on the part of the bank and MultiCash client software (MCC) on your part installed within your IT environment.

The application will allow you to:

  • Make one-off and batch payment orders, both domestic and international
  • Submit one-off and batch SEPA payment orders
  • See the current disposable balance
  • Receive credit and debit advices
  • Have payment status under control – receiving information about settlement and processing results for submitted payment orders
  • Submit direct debits for bank accounts in third party banks (interbank direct debit SWIFT MT 101)
  • Receive account statements for accounts maintained by other banks (SWIFT MT 940)
  • Receive information about payments executed via credit and debit advice sent from the bank
  • Ensure maximum security for your funds


Any data are generated, converted, and secured by the application and then sent to the bank or to you.