How can we
assist you?

Control your accounts
offline as well

Compatibility with your accounting system

Professionally trained user support

Profibanka offers a wide range of online and offline features

Special price when combined with MojeBanka Business


  • Information about your accounts and transactions

  • Filters and searches to find any transaction quickly

  • Download and print account statements as much as you like

  • Inform partners about payments via email or text messages

  • Protect your computer with Trusteer Rapport

  • Conveniently execute payments and other transactions


You need a personal certificate on a smartcard. See specific instructions on how to get it.

  • PC banking for  business owners and companies
  • Manage your accounts at any time – simply make payments and other transactions
  • One of the most comprehensive PC banking products
  • It combines benefits of internet banking with the performance of local applications, and can work offline
  • Constant monitoring of your account transactions allowing better management of your company cash flows
  • Save time and money compared to branch payment services
  • State-of-the-art security based on standards for electronic signature stored on a smart card
  • Available multiple authorisation and convenient processing of large data volumes  
  • Special price when combined with MojeBanka Business
  • Customer support available at +420 955 551 552 on workdays from 8am to 10pm

Download the update file version 1.23.

  • Double click the file to run automatic update
  • Follow instructions as they appear
  • In case the application is installed on several devices, the file may be used for all of them without the need to download it repeatedly