Contactless payments
with your phone


Make payments with any debit or credit card

Authorise payments the same way you unlock your phone

Your card number is not registered anywhere during the transaction


Garmin Pay will allow you to digitalise any KB contactless debit or credit card. You can then make convenient and secure payments using your smartwatch that supports this feature. For more information, visit

  1. Download the Garmin Connect app in your mobile phone.
  2. Sign in to the app, select the watch type and then Garmin Pay.
  3. Follow the in-app instructions to:
  • Choose a 4-digit security code for watch-based payments;
  • Complete required information about your payment card;
  • Accept the Payment Card Terms and Conditions;
  • Select the authorisation method of your payment card.
  1. Select the Garmin Pay icon on your watch.
  2. Select an icon of the card you wish to use.
  3. Hold your watch over the contactless payment terminal.  


  • Yes. Your payment card number is not stored in your smartwatch or the mobile app, and it is not available to a merchant during the payment process. A unique digital card number is used instead.
  • To ensure security, it is necessary to select a 4-digit security code in your watch. The security code is valid for authorisation of payments for 24 hours from the moment you enter it or until you remove the watch from your wrist and the heart rate tracking is interrupted.

If you do not find the answer you are looking for, contact our Payment Card Customer Service at (+420) 955 512 230 or your relationship manager.

  • I was unable to digitalise my payment card.
    Verify that your card is valid and supports contactless payments. Moreover, make sure that your smartwatch supports the NFC technology.
  • Is it possible to digitalise several payment cards?
    Yes, you can use any KB contactless debit or credit card for payments using your smartwatch. In the application, you can define a default (primary) card for payments or you can select the desired card prior to each payment.
  • I was unable to make a POS payment.
    Please check that your smartwatch supports the NFC technology. Prior to making a payment, you must wear the watch on your wrist and unlock it using a 4-digit security code of your choice.
    In case your mobile phone has not been connected to the Internet for an extended period of time, the pairing may have failed. Therefore, it is necessary to connect your mobile phone to the Internet from time to time. 
  • What PIN should I enter if requested on the payment terminal screen?
    Enter the same PIN you use when making payments with your plastic card.
  • What are the limits for payments using the digital card in my mobile phone?
    The POS payment limits are the same as for your plastic cards.
  • Is it possible to make an ATM withdrawal using the digital card?
    This functionality is currently not supported.
  • How should I proceed if I lose my watch?
    In your mobile phone, go to the Garmin Connect app and remove the relevant digitalised card(s) in the settings. Alternatively, you can contact our Payment Card Customer Service at (+420) 955 512 230 to block your digital card.