Komerční banka Group Financial Results as of 31 March 2024

3. 5. 2024 7:00

“The financial result for the first quarter shows improvement at the level of operating profit. We continue expanding our deposit base and the volume of client assets under management, and we see a positive trend in lending as well. I am especially happy that growth in the number of the Bank’s clients has been accelerating. The reported decline in net profit is due to a creation of credit risk provisions in the first quarter, while provisions had been released in the first quarter of the previous year,” remarked Jan Juchelka, Komerční banka’s Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer.

“In the coming quarters, we will further enrich the client proposition in the New Era of Banking by Komerční banka. We will continue developing our new digital bank and will advance in our strategic transformation. Komerční banka will remain a loyal corporate citizen and one of the largest taxpayers in the Czech Republic. As ever, we will stand by our clients and ready to back projects reinforcing longterm prosperity for Czechia, because the success of our country is a prerequisite for Komerční banka’s own successful development,” Jan Juchelka added.

KB Group’s lending to customers rose by 4.6% year on year to CZK 825.5 billion.

Deposits from clients grew by 7.2% from a year earlier to CZK 1,049.8 billion.

Volume of non-bank assets (mutual funds, pension funds, life insurance) under management expanded by 15.3% to CZK 261.8 billion.

Standalone Komerční banka had 1,678,000 customers, up by 22,000 year on year. Some 255,000 clients had already enrolled in KB’s new digital bank introduced in April 2023. KB Group was serving 2,195,000 clients.

Total revenues were down by an (1.5%) year on year to CZK 8.8 billion. Operating expenditures decreased by (4.1%) to CZK 4.8 billion. The Group reported a CZK 0.5 billion net creation of provisions for credit risk. Income taxes reached CZK 0.7 billion. Net profit attributable to the Group’s equity holders, at CZK 2.8 billion, was down by (21.3%) year on year.

Volume of regulatory capital reached CZK 106.2 billion, capital adequacy stood at 18.8%, and the Core Tier 1 ratio was 17.7%.

The Annual General Meeting held on 24 April 2024 approved an annual dividend payment of CZK 82.66 per share (before tax) to Komerční banka shareholders as of 6 May. The dividend will be payable from 27 May 2024.

KB had 74,415 shareholders (greater by 2,968 year on year), of which 68,023 were private individuals from the Czech Republic.

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