Internet banking improvements for this autumn

27. 11. 2018 9:00

Try out new MojeBanka features

We are constantly coming up with innovations for the MojeBanka internet banking. Therefore, we would like to present to you some useful features that will make your work easier and save you time.

So what innovations are available?

Easier way to enter account numbers in payment orders

It is no longer necessary to complete some special fields. There is newly only one field where you enter the whole account number, including the bank code. You can even copy this information from an invoice.

In case you use templates for your payment orders, you only need to start typing a template name and the autofill function will help you with the rest. Moreover, it will also search for account names or numbers in past incoming or outgoing payments.

Payment order

Instant processing of outgoing CZK payments orders

The “Due date” field on screens where you submit or confirm payment orders now by default features a request for “immediate payment processing”.

Information about the payment settlement date and the date that would be shown in the history of payments and/or account statement is specified on the confirmation screen.

Naturally, you can select any later date as your due date, based on your preferences. Consequently, only this date will be shown on the confirmation screen, as it is also the payment settlement date.

Payment order in CZK

You can now open a new current account online

If you need another current account, there is no need to visit one of our branches any more. Simply login in your MojeBanka internet banking and use the green shopping cart to open a new current account – click the “I want an account” tile. You can then select the current account type that suits your needs – whether a free account or an all-inclusive account for demanding clients – and complete the whole process in just 3 minutes from the comfort of your home.

The basic MůjÚčet account or the MůjÚčet Plus / MůjÚčet Gold accounts are waiting for you.

New layout for direct debit email notifications

In case of any pending or unexecuted direct debits, you will receive a totally redesigned notification that features complete and well-arranged information concerning the reason for such unexecuted direct debit as well as suggestions for resolving this situation.

Payment order - Authorisation

Preliminary notification concerning the date, on which an outgoing payment would be credited to a beneficiary (recipient)

Until now, we only informed you about the receipt of your payment order for processing. However, the CZK payment order confirmation screen now features information about the date, on which your outgoing payment is expected to be credited to the intended beneficiary.

Payment order submitted for processing
payment order confirmation screen

We believe the new features will really come in handy. If you would like to find out more, call our Infoline at 955 551 552 or visit our website.