Profibanka #1

We have modified the Payment Order / Direct Debit forms

16. 4. 2018 17:30

We have renamed the “Message for payer” field to “My description” and expanded it from 30 to 140 characters. Any description entered here is for your payment identification only and is not disclosed to a payee. This information will be displayed only to you and yours authorised persons on the List of orders, Today's activities and on the Transaction history (it will not be displayed on your account statement).

We have also renamed the “Description for payee” field to “Message for payee” and expanded it from 30 to 140 characters. The text entered here will be displayed to you and disclosed to a payee.

Message for payees in batch orders

In connection with an update of the transfer of information from the Message for payee field (AV field), with maximum length of 140 characters applicable to domestic payment orders / direct debit orders, descriptions of individual formats shall be revised. For the BEST format, the “Description for payer” field has been renamed to “My description” and the “AV message” field has been renamed to “Message for payee (AV field)”; moreover, the use of the “My description” / “Partner’s description” fields is also modified. The “My description” field will only be used for your payment identification – the contents of the field will only be visible to you, solely through online banking solutions. Such information will no longer be transferred to a payee nor on your account statement. The “Partner’s description” field will no longer be transferred to a payee, as this field will not be available any more.

If you wish to send additional message to a payee, please use the “Message for payee (AV field)” field, which is supported by all import formats and has the same length (140 characters). We will transfer such message to a payee irrespectively of the processing mode – i.e. both for standard and express payments.

We recommend reviewing the customised user profile format; other formats shall remain unchanged.