KB Helps Kick-Start New Businesses Easily and Quickly

Komerční banka is the first bank on the Czech market to actively seek cooperation and partnerships with fintech companies, thus shaping new trends in the banking sector. A breakthrough novelty is the partnership in the field of open banking, which will make it easier for newcomers to enter the world of business, with the establishment of a private limited company (s.r.o.) fully handled by Zakladači (Founders) on behalf of the client. The client can start his/her business with a Profi business account and KB business payment card in just a few days after sending all the necessary information and documents. Another innovation is the cooperation with Trivi, a successful Czech fintech, thanks to which KB now offers a unique service in the Czech Republic - comprehensive innovative online bookkeeping. In this way, the Bank offers its clients a helping hand throughout the lifecycle of their businesses.

23. 6. 2020 12:30

To start cooperation with Zakladači, it is sufficient for the future business owner to fill in data on his/her new business on the website www.firmaprovas.cz using a simple online guide, and send the requested documentation by post. We will take care of everything else while clients can focus on their business. We can set up a company in just a few days, charging only statutory fees.

The newly established business will get a business Profi account in KB for two years free of charge with other benefits. The businesses can use a number of other services, including comprehensive online accounting in their internet banking through cooperation with Trivi. Trivi offers fully digitized accounting management, handles periodical VAT returns, and processes tax returns or payroll. It also includes dealing with authorities or keeping track of legal obligations. To do so, the company cooperates with an experienced team of accounting and tax advisors.

The partnership with Trivi was launched by KB SmartSolutions, a KB subsidiary which focuses on identifying and initiating this type of cooperation. For Komerční banka, it is the bridge to the world of start-ups and fintechs. Innovative players who wish to become part of the KB open banking ecosystem with the services they offer will find more information and contacts on the website www.kbsmart.cz.

KB’s clients have the services of Trivi and many other partners available through the Mojebanka internet banking, and can take advantage of a number of special benefits that they will not find anywhere else.

"We believe that thanks to open banking, more than ever before, we are becoming a better and more important partner for our clients both in their professional and everyday lives. And the fact that our digital banking channels accessible through computers, smartphones and tablets offer more than generalized products and services is proof of that. Clients can find everything they need in one place and have control easily and safely. Komerční banka, as the first in the Czech Republic, partnered with the best startups and fintechs to offer services to its clients, and intends to continue with this unique approach. In addition to KB Multibanking, clients also receive the most advantageous services from our partners. This cooperation allows us to offer unexpected experience and benefits unique at the market to all our clients."

Martin Sládeček, Open Banking Leader with Komerční banka

In addition to common products and services, KB’s active range of services also includes Fakturoid for invoice management, Board for financial management and many other enablers for business.

Pavel Zúbek
KB Communication
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