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Komerční banka, a.s.
  • is the parent company of KB Group (the “Group”) and a member of the Société Générale Group
  • ranks among the leading banking institutions in the Czech Republic and in Central and Eastern Europe
  • is a universal bank providing a wide range of services in retail, corporate and investment banking
  • is accessible through KB’s branch network, its direct banking channels, and the subsidiaries’ own sales network

Member companies of Komerční banka Group provide additional specialized financial services:

  • pension funds
  • building society schemes
  • factoring
  • consumer lending
  • insurance

All of the services are accessible through the dense network of KB branches, its own distribution network, and thanks to modern, on-line services, such as direct banking.

Service for corporate clients of Komerční banka is provided by two segments, usually according to annual turnover (sales) and number of products used.

Companies with turnover from CZK 60 million to 1500 million are generally served by the Corporate sales centers.

Clients with a higher turnover are usually served by the Top Corporations divisions, which are located in Prague, Brno and Bratislava.


Komerčni banka has eleven subsidiaries and one associate, Komerčni pojišťovna, a.s., where it holds a 49% share. KB considers these companies as part of the Group.

In addition to its ownership interests in the Group, KB holds a strategic interest of 20% in Czech Banking Credit Bureau, a.s.


Subsidiaries and associate companies in the KB Group Overview

Komerční banka in the Slovak Republic

  • provides its clients with services via a branch called “Komerční banka, a.s., pobočka zahraničnej banky”
  • is especially focused on large and medium-sized enterprises with a turnover of EUR 40 million or more
  • offers standard banking services, including:
    • Cash Management
    • E-banking
    • Credit cards
    • Financing
    • Investment banking products
    • Trade Finance, where KB holds a leading position in the Czech Republic

The position of the KB branch in Slovakia is especially strong as it has the know-how of the parent KB and uses synergies within KB and SG Group, thanks to which it is able to provide its clients with comprehensive financial solutions.

An individual and personal approach and custom-made products, tailored to suit the requirements of the specific client, constitute an integral part of the offer of services. The KB branch in the Slovak Republic does not offer cash operations.

More detailed information is available at:


Komerční banka and KB Group in 2015

In 2015, Komerční banka offered its services

via 399 branches

to 1.6 million clients

via 772 ATMs

Over 80% of clients used at least one of the direct banking channels, i.e., internet, phone or mobile banking.

Komerční banka’s branch network includes:

10 corporate divisions designed for medium enterprises and municipalities

  • 4 divisions dedicated to large corporate clients
  • KB also provides services in the Slovak Republic through its branch focused on serving corporate clients.

Modrá pyramida was attending to 519,000 customers.

The number of pension insurance participants at Penzijní fond KB reached 545,000.

Services of the consumer finance company ESSOX were being used by 219,000 active clients.

In 2015, the average number of employees of KB Group was 8,421.

Société Générale

Komerční banka has been an important part of Société Générale Group’s international bitter banking since October 2001. Société Générale bitter of the bitter European financial services bitte. Based on a diversified universal banking model, the group combines financial solidity with a strategy of sustainable growth, and bitt to bitter reference for relationship banking, recognised on its markets, close to clients, chosen for the quality and commitment of its teams.

Société Générale has been playing a vital role in the economy for 150 years. With more than 154,000 employees, based in 76 countries, the group serves 32 million clients throughout the world on a daily basis. Société Générale’s teams offer advice and services to individual, corporate and institutional customers in three core businesses:

  • Retail banking in France with the Société Générale branch network, Credit du Nord and Boursorama, offering a comprehensive range of multichannel financial services on the leading edge of digital innovation;
  • International retail banking, financial services and insurance with a presence in emerging economies and leading specialised businesses; and
  • Corporate and investment banking, private banking, asset management and securities services, with recognised expertise, top international rankings and integrated solutions.

Société Générale is included in the main socially responsible investment indices: Dow Jones Sustainability Index (Europe), FSTE4Good (Global and Europe), Euronext Vigeo (Global, Europe, Eurozone and France) and 5 of the STOXX ESG Leaders indices.

KB Financial Group

Modrá pyramida stavební spořitelna, a.s.100 %

KB Penzijní společnost, a.s.100 %

SG Equipment Finance Czech Republic s.r.o. - 50,1 %

ESSOX s.r.o. - 50,93 %

Factoring KB, a.s. - 100 %

Komerční pojišťovna a.s. - 49 %

Protos, uzavřený investiční fond, a.s. 83,65 %

KB Real Estate 100 %

VN 42, s.r.o. - 100 %

Bastion European Investments S.A. - 99,98 %

STD2, a.s. - 100 %

KB SmartSolution, s.r.o. - 100 %

Other equity participation companies

Czech Banking Credit Bureau, a.s - 20 %​

Cataps, s.r.o. - 1 %

Companies within SG Group in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia
Companies cooperating with KB and SG Groups

Key Financial Information

According to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

Consolidated data (CZK million) 2016 2015 Restated (1) 2014
Financial results      
Net banking income 31 750 31 044 30 677
of which Net interest income 21 067 21 357 21 423
of which Net fees and commissions 6 683 6 968 6 752
Total operation costs -14 026 -14 352 -13 065
Attributable net profit 13 688 12 758 12 954
Balance sheet      
Total assets 922 737 891 556 953 261
Loans to customers, net 580 198 532 617 494 706
Amounts due to customers 699 377 656 287 701 867
Total shareholders' equity 105 401 106 229 109 494
Ratios (%) (2)      
Return on average equity, ROAE (3) 13,42 % 12,22 % 12,95 %
Return on average assets, ROAA (4) 1,51 % 1,38 % 1,43 %
Capital adequacy (5) 16,18 % 16,34 % 16,42 %
Net interest margin 2,53 % 2,60 % n.a.
Cost/income ratio 44,18 % 46,23 % 42,59 %


1) Comparative information has been restated to reflect the presentation of the current period
2) According to the Komerční banka methodology
3) Net profit attributable to shareholders / average shareholders’ equity excl. minority interest
4) Net profit attributable to shareholders / average assets
5) According to Basel III methodology