• Branches and ATMs

Branches and ATMs

We share ATMs with MONETA Money Bank, Air Bank and UniCredit Bank. You can withdraw cash with a debit card for free at their ATMs, just like in KB. By sharing ATMs, we improve the availability of cash services for the clients of all participating banks, and at the same time support our activities in sustainable development.

Information for individuals - other than KB clients - relating to cash withdrawals at KB ATMs using foreign payment cards

Holders of foreign payment cards issued by the Mastercard and VISA card companies, the billing currency of which is one of the selected currencies in KB’s Exchange Rate list, may take advantage of Dynamic Currency Conversion (“DCC”) that allows them to carry out card transactions in the reporting currency of their foreign (i.e. home) issuing banks. Consequently, holders of foreign payment cards can immediately see the transaction amount to be charged by their issuing banks in their home currency. The foreign issuing banks do not carry out any subsequent currency conversions. In order for cardholders to be able to use DCC, it must be supported by the relevant foreign issuing bank(s).

The DCC percentage mark-up amounts to 12% compared to the current reference exchange rate of the European Central Bank (ECB). The rules for the provision of DCC to holders of foreign payment cards are defined by the Mastercard and VISA card companies. DCC may be refused and transactions may be carried out subject to subsequent currency conversions by foreign issuing banks.