How can I submit an express payment and what are the deadlines?

By 2:30 pm using your Internet banking or by 1:00 pm at a branch

How should I proceed?

Submit payment orders in your Internet banking or at a branch

Express payments may be conveniently submitted using the MojeBanka and/or Mobilní banka applications. Moreover, you can visit any KB branch, where we will gladly assist you with your payments

Make sure to come on time

Transferred funds will be credited to an account of the payee (beneficiary) on the same business day, provided you submit your payment by 2:30 pm using your Internet or mobile banking or by 1:00 pm at a branch

Identify your payment as “express payment”

Your payment must be identified as “Super express”

For current fees for express payments, see our Pricelist

What are express payments?

  • Express payments refer to quick payments made to payees’ accounts in other banks that can be submitted via your Internet and mobile banking by 2:30 pm on a business day (or 1:00 pm at a branch) and will be credited to an account of the payee’s bank on the same day.
  • It is a good alternative in situations, when a payee’s bank does not support instant payments or when you make a payment to a payee, whose bank supports instant payments; however, you need to transfer more than CZK 400,000 at once.
  • You can use express payments to transfer any amount to an account in any bank in the Czech Republic. Express payments may be executed as individual payments to a single payee, but are also useful for making payments to several payees at the same time if you need such payments to be executed quickly – they can be submitted as bulk payments or exported from your accounting system and transferred as a payment batch import.

What are the differences between express and instant payments?

  • Express payments (both outgoing and incoming) are supported by all banks in the Czech Republic. Instant payments are presently only supported by selected banks.
  • In order to guarantee that funds are credited to a payee’s account on the same day, you must submit your payment order within a certain time limit – specifically by 2:30 pm via Internet or mobile banking and by 1:00 pm at a branch in Komerční banka. Moreover, express payments are remitted on business days only. Instant payments are processed continuously – you can thus submit them at any time, including weekends and bank holidays, and payees will see them in their disposable account balance right away.
  • Express payments are sent for processing in batches – this means that several payments are always sent to a payment system together, at 30-minute or 1-hour intervals (however, on business days from 8:00 am to 2:30 pm only). Instant payments are sent for processing individually and are processed immediately – i.e. payees receive them sooner.
  • Express payments are useful for businesses that make several payments at once, as they can be submitted as a payment batch import. Instant payment orders may only be submitted for individual payments.
  • We do not apply any surcharge for instant payments to the basic domestic payment fee. Express payments are associated with a surcharge of CZK 100 to the basic domestic payment fee (depending on the account type, from which a payment is made, it is either free or amounts to CZK 6).
  • You can transfer up to CZK 400,000 in a single instant payment transaction; express payment amounts are not limited in any way.
  • Express and instant payments refer to domestic payments in CZK transferred from CZK bank accounts to third-party banks in the Czech Republic.

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