How to set up direct debit mandate in MojeBanka internetbanking?

How to do it?

  1. Log in to the MojeBanka internetbanking service in the standard way.
  2. In the main menu, open the “Payments” tab and click on the right side to the “Direct debit, SIPO, Direct debit summary” item. Do not be afraid about the long title, the blank form is easy to understand, and the approval for direct debit mandate can be completed in few minutes.
  3. After clicking on the “Direct debit, SIPO, Direct debit summary”, the screen containing all your previously approved direct debit mandates will appear. If there are no previously approved direct debit mandates, you will see only the “Notice message” that there are no active direct debit mandates on account. In order to set up a new direct debit mandate, you should click on the “New direct debit” red button.
  4. A menu offer will be displayed, where you can select the “Direct debit mandate” item.
  5. The blank form for filling the “Direct debit mandate” will open. Now, there are two ways to be followed. Either you can manually complete all the boxes required in the left part of the “Direct debit mandate” blank form, or you can use the relevant QR code, which should be dragged-and-dropped to or opened and uploaded from your computer, where the QR code is saved, into the screen right side. Once the form is completed, click on the “Continue” button and consequently confirm the submitted data in the authorisation screen, in the manner as you are usually used to (either by the KB key or other method). Your approval for the direct debit mandate will be set up.


Further tips how to handle the direct debit mandates

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