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What is going to happen with your payment?

In case you submitted a payment order with due date on the following day, you can simply cancel or modify it in your internet banking.

Maybe the submitted account does not exist. In this case, your money will be automatically refunded in 2 or 3 business days.

What about a payment transferred to someone else’s account? In case the recipient’s account is in KB, we will contact him or her via email and internet banking message and ask to return the payment.

In case of bank transfers to an account of another bank, we will contact the bank ask for assistance in the matter. The relevant bank must contact its client and ask the client to return the given amount.

In practice, you will need to complete an application form relating to the refund of wrongly credited amount. We will then forward the application form to the receiving bank. In most cases, the incorrect recipient returns the payment.


During an emergency situation (Government of the Czech Republic declared a state of emergency for the Czech Republic due to health threat in connection with the presence of coronavirus (referred to as SARS CoV-2) in the Czech Republic and related crisis measures of the Czech Government) clients of Komerční banka, a.s. may send exceptionally Request for Refund of payment which they mistakenly sent to an incorrect account number to the following e-mail box, which Komerční banka, a.s. set up for these purposes: vraceni_platby@kb.cz

Updated: 20. 03. 2020

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