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What is Banking Identity?

Simply put, it is a method you use to sign into KB internet banking.


Authentication methods

You can sign in and confirm payments using the following means:

  • KB Klíč – smartphone app
  • Security password and text message (SMS) – for push-button phones  
  • Smartcard-based certificate

For more information about available login methods, see New login methods.

KB Klíč application

KB Klíč will open several doors at once:

  • Sign into internet banking
  • Confirm payments submitted via internet banking
  • Verify identity when contacting a relationship manager by telephone
  • Sign documents remotely
  • Verify identity with nonbanking partners

The future of Banking Identity

Digital ID

Imagine that KB Banking Identity is your digital ID. In the future, it will be possible to use it to sign into – i.e. to verify your identity – various portals of public authorities and private entities, just as easily as you currently sign into your KB internet banking. Therefore, the bank will verify your identity anywhere you request it.

It is secure

You will be the only one using your Banking Identity. Consequently, you control your identity verification and transfer of associated personal data.

Therefore, you should never disclose your login information to third parties. If your login information has been compromised, you should change it in the KB MůjProfil application as soon as possible.

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Updated: 08. 07. 2020

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