One authentication method to sign in
and confirm payments, or to communicate with your relationship manager, public authorities, and service providers


KB Banking Identity becomes your digital identity card and source of personal data used to verify your identity online. In addition to the bank, it is also useful to sign in to various commercial services of public administration portals.

Public and state administrations

  • Submit tax returns to tax authorities
  • Download extracts from the criminal records
  • Get prescriptions from the eRecept application
  • Consult the driver’s penalty points system

Self-service portals, online stores, and other services

  • Change your electricity tariff and advance payments, or switch to another energy provider
  • Purchase a new mobile phone with a plan from telecommunications operators and even sign your agreement
  • Enter into building savings contracts online
  • Switch your bank online


With KB Banking Identity, you will first be able to use public and state administration services offered within the Citizen Portal.
For a list of public and state administration service providers that are currently available, visit
These services will be available to you in first half of March 2021.

As of June 2021, you will also be able to use your KB Banking Identity to sign in and verify your identity in connection with commercial services. The list of individual service providers will be updated regularly.


If you have access to the MojeBanka internet banking, you have your KB Banking Identity automatically. It is a set of your personal security data (credentials) that allow you to sign in to your internet banking. If you do not have internet banking access or do not know how to sign in, stop by any KB branch – we will set it up for you and explain everything in no time.

You can easily enable or disable it in the settings of your identity services and security methods in the MůjProfil application. In the app, you can also find out, for which counterparties you used your KB Banking Identity to sign it or verify your identity.

You can use all authentication methods that are available in KB, provided you have already activated them – KB Klíč, password and a text message (SMS) code, and a smartcard-based certificate. File-based certificates also remain functional (however, file-based certificates are no longer renewed as of 17 April 2019).

By using KB Banking Identity in connection with third-party digital services, it becomes your digital ID card - your digital personal identity card. You should thus exercise caution when using it – just like you would in connection with your standard ID card.

In terms of user experience, nothing changes with regard to the use of your identity for services outside the bank. You simply enter your login name and use KB Klíč or enter a password / text message (SMS) code, or input a PIN for your certificate, as appropriate. In each case, we will first notify you of the personal data being transferred outside the bank - you can thus abort the process if you do not agree with it. And, of course, you should still follow the principles of our Security Decalogue.

Even if you use the same authentication data in connection with your KB Banking Identity that you use to sign in to your internet banking, third parties will never receive any information about your financial products.


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