How can I change my payment settings for my mobile app?

In order to pay with the KB mobile app, please change your payment settings in MojeBanka Internet Banking

If you are on the go or you do not have access to your computer and have already activated your KB Klíč, you can also make the change through the browser on your phone!

1. step

Log in to the internet banking

2. step

Settings -> Mobilní banka Settings

Změna nastavení plateb

3. step

Choose payment settings –> Then choose „I want to pay to any account“ –> Continue

Změna nastavení plateb

4. step

Click on "Sign and send for processing"

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5. step

Confirm in the app with KB Klíč, security password or certificate

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6. step

Nyní postupujte podle pokynů na obrazovce

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7. krok

Zařízení máte přidáno

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You’re done

At this point, you have everything set up correctly and you fully can use the Mobilní banka internet banking.