First Steps with Mobilní Banka

How to download and start Mobilní banka

1. step

Download the app from Google Play

You can use this link (Google Play) or enter "Mobilní banka" or "KB Business" in your app store search and download it. The app is free.

You need to have the app enabled in the MojeBanka internet banking. See instructions on how to enable it.

2. step

Open the Mobilní banka or KB Business app

You can find it on your device's home screen.

3. step

Protect your phone and your money

We've built the IBM Trusteer tool into the app to identify malicious behavior from other apps and protect your money from phishing and other threats.

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4. step

Allow access to media files and contacts on your phone

In order to use all the functions of Mobilní banka, such as saving a travel insurance card or identifying calls from Komerční banka, the app will ask you to allow access.

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5. step

Click on Log in

In order to successfully activate Mobilní banka, click on Log in.

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6. step

Enter your login details

Your login ID can be found in the MojeBanka internet banking or your contract. As a password, enter the SMS code you have received on the phone number chosen in the MojeBanka internet banking or at a branch.

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7. step

Remember your ID

We offer permanent but hidden and secure memorization of your ID. Don't worry about security. We'll always ask for your password.

8. step

Change your password

In the next step, the app will ask you to set up your own login password.

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9. step

Get to know the features of the app

After logging in for the first time, you can check out a guide to see what the app can do.

10. step

Welcome to your mobile banking

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