Entrances to airport lounges

We offer for Credit Card World Elite, Platinum VISA, Corporate Gold Card and Credit Card Infinite

Free membership in the programme for selected clients

Simple and clearly arranged mobile application

Free visits to the lounges and optional purchases of additional visits

Interesting discounts in airport shops and restaurants

What is the DragonPass Programme and how to get the membership?

The DragonPass is a programme offering you the membership, due to which you can access more than 1,300 airport lounges worldwide. All this functions simply over the DragonPass application. The condition for using the programme is a smartphone. The membership is a part of selected payment cards from Komerční banka.
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Membership in the programme and 4 entries per year

Membership in the programme

Membership in the programme and 4 entries per year

karta infinite

Lounge access for free 10x per year

I am already the member. How should I start?

Download the DragonPass application from App Store or Google Play

Activate your membership. Enter your DragonPass ID and the Activation Code.  See how to do it in video below.

Travel far and wide enjoying the programme benefits

Frequently asked questions

The DragonPass ID is a unique sixteen-figure number, by which you can activate your membership in the DragonPass Programme. We will send you the DragonPass ID by e-mail, or you can view it in the Mobile Bank or your internet banking.

If you forgot or lost your DragonPass ID, you can view it at any time in the Mobile Bank or your internet banking, or you can contact us by calling our Payment Cards Client Line: +420 955 512 230.

The activation code is a four-digit number which will activate your membership in the program. The activation code was sent to you by SMS message. If you have not received the Activation Code or you have deleted the SMS message, contact our Payment Card Clients Line +420 955 512 230.

You will need your DragonPass ID and Activation Code to activate. You can activate your membership easily directly in the DragonPass application, for the exact procedure, watch our short video above.

You do not need a plastic card anymore. The access is enabled upon the submission of your QR Code to the lounge attendants. You can easily generate the QR Code for each single access in the application.
What should you do? Watch the video above or follow this steps:

  1. By clicking on the “Lounge” icon, the list of all lounges available at the given airport will be displayed.
  2. Click on the selected lounge.
  3. After clicking on the “Purchase Pass/Membership Access” icon, your QR Code will be generated.
  4. Your membership card and the QR Code will be displayed and you will submit the QR Code for the access.

The membership is valid from its activation date in the DragonPass application for the whole period in which you are the holder of the card containing the DragonPass benefits.

If your membership includes the free (complimentary) visits, they will be valid for the whole period of twelve (12) months from the membership activation date. After this, the membership will be renewed automatically. Unused visits will not be transferred to the next year (period). 

The number of remaining free visits is displayed in the application on your digital membership card. You can find it in the DragonPass application, by pressing the “Profile – Memberships” button. 

The price is 26 EUR per person per visit.

Each lounge has its own visitor rules. Please, read them in detail in the DragonPass application. You will learn not only how long you can stay, but also how many guests you can take with you to the lounge or what is included in the lounge visit price.

If your membership includes the free (complimentary) visits, you may use them for your visits only or you can take to the lounge an accompanying person. If you have no complimentary visits in your membership, you can buy them directly in the DragonPass application and use them for you and your accompanying person.

The number of persons that you can take into the lounge is not limited in general, however up to the maximum limit permitted in a concrete lounge. For detailed information about a concrete lounge, consult your DragonPass application.

For this information, please read the relevant detail in the DragonPass application showing the items included in the price of visit of the concrete lounge.

In the registration procedure, you will be asked to set your own password. The password must contain at least eight (8) characters, out of which at least one must be upper case letter, one lower case letter, and one numeral. After this, you can change your password at any time in the DragonPass application; at the “Profile” bookmark select “Change Password” and set your new password.

You can contact our Payment Cards Client Line: +420 955 512 230, or call directly the DragonPass Client Centre: +44 16 1929 8844. For more information, see also the website DragonPass.

Updated: 10. 02. 2022