Step 1

After logging in to the MojeBanka internet banking, choose „Account“ from the menu and then „Link an account from another bank“ from the 1st column.

Step 2

You will see a multibanking menu. Choose Fio from the list of banks and click on „Continue“.

Step 3

You will be redirected to the Fio login page. Log in as usual and click on "Settings" in the top right corner (1) and find "API" in the menu on the left (2). In the Account / Tokens section, click the "Add New Token" button (3).

2. A window named "New token" will open. Select the account to which you want to assign the token (4). Select the option "Track Account and Enter Payment Orders and Direct Debits" (5) under "Token Rights", in order for the account to work correctly.

3. You will get the information about the Token you have set and you have to confirm it with the "Update" button (6).

4. Copy your unique token (long line under Token – e.g. ncWWJ ******** 61AEv) and use it in the wizard to connect to KB MojeBanka internet banking, in which you will successfully complete the connection of your accounts.

What is a token

The token is used to verify the user's identity. Thanks to the unique key token assigned to you by Fio Bank, Komerční banka knows that the accounts you are connecting are truly yours and that we can guarantee maximum security to your finances.