There is no need to perform any special activations or other settings in order to link accounts from Tatra banka to KB. The process is very similar to the one when linking accounts from Czech banks.

Please note: Slovak Tatra banka allows only current accounts to be linked to third parties (e.g. to KB). Other types of accounts, such as savings account, cannot be connected to KB yet. You will need a reader to link accounts.

Step 1

Log in to the MojeBanka internet banking as usual. Choose „Account“ from the menu and then „Link an account from another bank“ from the 1st column.

Step 2

You will see a multibanking menu. Choose Tatra banka from the list of banks and click on „Continue“.

Step 3

You will be redirected to the Tatra banka internet banking. Log in as usual. You will need a reader in order to log in and give consent.

Step 4

In order to log in and give consent, please enter the code from the reader.

Step 5

After a successful login and confirmation, Tatra banka will ask you to give your consent, which you confirm by clicking on "Give consent". You will only see your current accounts in the list. Tatrabanka does not provide third parties access to savings and other accounts, so they cannot be linked together with your current accounts.

Step 6

It is necessary to enter the code from the reader in order to give consent.

Step 7

A confirmation screen with information about the connection status of your accounts to KB will be displayed. After clicking on "Close", you will be redirected to KB internet banking.

Step 8

You will be redirected from Tatra banka to MojeBanka within a few seconds.

Step 9

You will see your Tatra banka account linked in the KB internet banking.