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MůjÚčet Plus

Monthly price

CZK 39/ 0

MůjÚčet Gold

Monthly price

CZK 169

Top nabídka

Monthly price

CZK 490 / 0

Monthly price

CZK 39/ 0
CZK 169
CZK 490 / 0


Payment card

Embossed card
Plus card
Gold card
Platinum Visa

Withdrawals from KB ATMs

Internet banking

Mobile banking

Incoming CZK payments

SEPA payments and outgoing electronic domestic payments in CZK
Withdrawals from foreign ATMs in Europe (including the Czech Republic)
CZK 39
Withdrawals from ATMs outside of Europe
CZK 99
CZK 99

Premium travel insurance

Maintanance of 2 other accounts
Merlin insurance
CZK 348 per year
CZK 348 per year
CZK 348 per year

G2 Student Account

Account for young people from 15 to 30 years old.
  • Free account management with bonus of 700 CZK
  • Free withdrawals from KB ATMs
  • Custom design on payment card for free
Erasmus Package
Account for study abroad
  • Free account maintenance in CZK, and EUR or USD
  • SEPA payments for FREE
MůjÚčet Junior Account
Account for children under 15 years old
  • Account management, withdrawals from our ATMs and payments free of charge
  • Own design on the card



MůjÚčet Plus Account
Account for everyone with authorized overdraft up to CZK 60,000.
  • Cash withdrawals from KB ATM free of charge
  • 2 Cash withdrawal from ATM of other domestic banks monthly free of charge
TOP Offer
Exclusive account with superb services
  • Free withdrawals around the world
  • 2 gold cards or prestigious Platinum Visa card
Current accounts

Most people can't do without a current bank account nowadays. Almost everything is paid cashless and thanks to various settings, standing orders and other tweaks, the current account can make our lives much easier.

We have an account for everyone; whether you want to use it occasionally or every day. We have a simple account for free as well as an account with above-standard services for those who want to pay cashless all the time and also make use of other advantages of modern banking.

We're up to date

All of our current accounts provide both MojeBanka and Mobilní banka internet banking. The mobile app allows you to control your finances in just a few clicks, wherever you are. You can also activate mobile payments with Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Complete offer

Payment cards

Withdrawals from over 700 ATMs free of charge.

Credit cards

Use all advantages of our credit cards.

Profi programme

Business and personal account at one place

Payments and cash services

How to send, withdraw and save money.


Selected types of checks will be paid free of charge to your KB account.


Theft or sickness - we protect your money..

Account overdraft

A financial reserve of up to CZK 60,000, which you can use whenever you need.

Other accounts and services

Check out the special service offer.