When all you need
is a simple account

CZK 0 per month

A contactless payment card free of charge

Internet and mobile banking included

Free withdrawals from KB & MONETA ATMs

Authorised overdraft of up to CZK 60,000


  • Change your bank easily at any branch and even online

  • We will transfer your money, and set up standing orders and direct debits

  • Everything will take place quickly and free of charge

  • No need to notify your old bank, we will handle that for you

Selected price list items

Monthly fee
free of charge
Payment card
Embossed Card
Internet and mobile banking
free of charge
Cash withdrawal from the shared ATM’s network
free of charge
Cash withdrawal from ATM of other domestic banks and banks in Europe
CZK 39
Cash withdrawal from ATMs abroad - other states
CZK 99
Incoming payments
free of charge
Domestic electronic payment
Outgoing electronic SEPA payment
Payment under a standing order
Outgoing collection

How to get this product?

By phone

Leave it all up to us. Leave your contact information – we will call you back.

At a branch

Select a branch, leave your contact information – we will call you back.



  • Current account in CZK with electronic account statements free of charge
  • Contactless payment card with 3D Secure for secure online payments
  • Withdrawals from KB ATMs free of charge
  • Mobile application for iOS and Android
  • Standing orders and direct debits set up free of charge for 3 months from account opening
  • All incoming payments free of charge
  • Many optional services available, such as authorised overdraft of up to CZK 60,000  

You can handle all formalities at one of our branches or with a courier when opening your account online. 

Present the following:

  • Identity card
  • Another ID document (passport or driving licence)

Foreign nationals should present their passport.

Just a few signatures and you can start to use your account immediately. You will receive your account number and online banking access details together with your contract.

Good to have

Mobilní banka
Banking at hand, always.
  • Available for Android, iOS and Windows
  • Immediate information about your account transactions and balance

Unique design on the card

You can pay fast and safely all around the world
  • With chosen cards you have free withdrawals around the world
  • Use superb travel insurance with chosen cards
Authorised Overdraft
Get a financial reserve of up to CZK 60,000 that can be used anytime you need.
  • No fees or interest when the authorised overdraft is not used
  • Authorised Overdraft of up to CZK 20,000 for students
Merlin Payment Card Insurance
Payment card insurance against unauthorized use in case of loss or theft
  • Merlin also covers keys, mobile phones, and wallets plus contents
  • Merlin offers worldwide insurance coverage
A Card
Credit card for bargain shopping with a savings bonus,
and a telephone assistant
  • Discounts of up to 50% for goods, travel, and wellness
  • Up to CZK 250,000 for your purchases