Getting started

Sign in to your MojeBanka internet banking, select “Accounts” in the top menu and then go to “Add account from another bank”.

Alternatively, you can click the “Add bank” button on the MojeBanka homepage. Once again, it is necessary to sign in.

Moreover, you can also add accounts using your Mobilní banka app.

Step 1

Select “UniCredit Bank CZ” on the page for “Adding accounts from other banks” and click “Continue”.

If you had previously added a UniCredit Bank account, the following warning message may appear:

If you are adding the same account, click Continue to confirm. Numbers of accounts being added will be confirmed later.

Step 2

You will be redirected to UniCredit Bank.

Step 3

A form for selecting accounts in the bank being connected will be displayed.

If you had previously added a UniCredit Bank account and now wish to extend access to the account, it will already be shown in the List of connected accounts.

You may either leave it in the list or remove it by clicking the relevant button.

In case you have not previously added any UniCredit Bank accounts and no UniCredit Bank accounts are listed here, click “Add account” (red button).  

A box will appear for Adding an account to the list.

Enter an IBAN of your UniCredit Bank account in the box.

You can find the IBAN of your account in the account details in your UniCredit Bank online banking.

Next, click the “Add account to the list” button.

The number of the added account will be shown in the List of accounts to be connected.

If you have several accounts (including, but not limited to, savings accounts), you need to repeat the operation for each account.

In case you do not wish to connect specific account(s), click the “Remove from the list” option next to the number of the account(s) in question.


Step 4

Once you click “Continue” to give consent, you will be redirected to the UniCredit Bank login page. You can sign in the way you normally do.

The recommended verification method is via UniCredit Bank online banking.


Step 5

Once you sign in to UniCredit Bank, a window will be displayed informing you that your request has been forwarded for processing.

ATTENTION! In order to be redirected back to KB, you should ALWAYS click the green link KOMERČNÍ BANKA, A.S., not the OK button. If you click the OK button, your account will not be connected and you will not be redirected back to Komerční banka.

Step 6

You will be informed that the access has been granted and you will subsequently be redirected back to the Komerční banka online banking.

Please note that the relevant UniCredit Bank online banking page does not close after an account is successfully added. To show status in your KB online banking, you need to click the MojeBanka open window.

Step 7

If you see cards for connected accounts on the homepage of your MojeBanka online banking, you can be sure that the connection was in fact successful. If you are connecting accounts for the first time, the relevant card(s) may be displayed with a slight delay or you may need to sign out and sign in again.


Step 8

You will see all connected accounts in the Summary of associated accounts (select “Accounts” in the top menu and then go to “Accounts in other banks - summary”).