Getting started

Once you sign in to your MojeBanka internet banking, go to Accounts and select the “Add account from another bank” option.

Alternatively, you can click the Add bank button on the MojeBanka homepage. However, you need to sign in as well.

You can also add an account using your Mobilní banka application.

Step 1

On the page for “Adding accounts from other banks”, select “mBank S.A., organizační složka” and click “Continue.

Step 2

You will be redirected to mBank S.A., organizační složka – this might take some time. During the process, you will be informed about the remaining time required for the redirect.

Step 3

Once the mBank S.A., organizační složka internet banking login page opens, you can sign in using your mBank S.A., organizační složka login information– the way you normally do.

Step 4

Once you sign in, a setup assistant (wizard) will automatically appear to guide you through the entire process of linking your accounts to KB.

It is first necessary to sign in to mBank S.A., organizační složka and comply with the strong customer authentication requirements.

Step 5

It is then necessary to validate the granted authorisation at mBank S.A., organizační složka.

Following successful validation, you will be redirected back to KB.

Step 6

During the redirect process, you will receive a confirmation that the access for linking accounts to KB was granted. You will also be informed about the remaining time required for the redirect.

Step 7

During the redirect back to the KB website, you will be confirmed that access to link accounts to KB has been granted, and the screen will inform you how long the redirect will take.

Step 8

If you see all your accounts - including any accounts from other banks - on the homepage of your MojeBanka internet banking, you can be sure that the redirect was in fact successful.

Please note that the data exchange between the banks may take some time and that current data will only be shown after a few minutes.