Step 1

Choose „Air Bank, a member of the PPF group“ and click on „Continue“.



Step 2

Before you can go on, you'll see a warning that you can only link each bank once in the initial operation. If you want to link accounts again, the original ones will be replaced. Please click on "Continue".


Step 3

You will be redirected to Air Bank which may take a while. Information about the redirect status will be displayed.


Step 4

Once the Air Bank Internet Banking login page opens, you can sign in with your Air Bank login as usual.


Step 5

After logging in, a wizard will automatically open to guide you through linking your accounts to KB. In the first step, click on the "Confirm" button to confirm you wish to link your accounts. In the second step, by pressing the "Exit" button, you will consent to linking the accounts to KB, and you will also be logged out of the Air Bank Internet Banking and redirected back to the KB Internet Banking.


Step 6

While being redirected back to KB, you will get a confirmation that access to link your accounts to KB has been granted and the screen will inform you how long the redirection will take.


Step 7

If the redirection is succesful, you will see all your accounts in the KB Internet Banking, including accounts from other banks.