step 1

Sign in to your KB MojeBanka internet banking. In case you cannot see the card for linking accounts from other banks (Multibanking), go to “Accounts” in the menu and select “Add account from another bank” in the first column. A screen will appear with a list of supported banks – select Česká spořitelna.


step 2

You will be redirected to Česká spořitelna (George), where you will complete the process of linking your account(s) to Komerční banka.

A notification may appear, informing you that you may only connect each bank once during the initial phase of operation. If you decide to repeat the process, your original accounts will be replaced. Please click “Continue”.


step 3

Sign in to your ČS internet banking (George) the way you normally do.


step 4

Once you sign in successfully, you will be redirected back to KB MojeBanka internet banking.


step 5

If you see your ČS accounts in your KB internet banking (both PC and mobile banking), the process was successful. You should also be able to check your account balance and transaction history for all your accounts with a single sign on.