step 1

Log in to the George Internet Banking, click on „Settings“ (1) and choose „Third Party Management“ (2).


step 2

Click on „Enter“ button (3).


step 3

A window with information about redirection to the third party portal will be displayed. In order to link the account to KB Multibanking, you need to click on the „Continue“ button.


step 4

You need to allow third-party access on the "Third Party Management" page. By default, this feature is disabled (see the top part of the first image where the slider is set to "Disabled").
Clicking on the slider moves it to the active setting (the green slider bar) and the label changes to "Enabled" (see the bottom part of the image).

step 5

Log in to KB MojeBanka Internet Banking. If you do not see a card with an offer to link accounts from other banks, click on „Accounts“ in the menu and select „Add an account from other bank“ in the first column. Choose Česká spořitelna from the list.


step 6

Before you can go on, you'll see a warning that you can only link each bank once in the initial operation. If you want to link accounts again, the original ones will be replaced. Please click on "Continue".


step 7

You will be redirected to George where you can finish linking your account to the KB Internet Banking.


step 8

Log in to George as usual.


step 9

After logging in, you will see a window asking you to confirm Komerční banka's access to your accounts at Česká spořitelna. To enable Multibanking at KB, click on the "Enable" button.


step 10

You will receive confirmation that KB can access the account, and you will be automatically redirected back to KB MojeBanka Internet Banking.

step 11

You can easily recognize the correctly linked accounts as you will see them in your KB Internet Banking both on your computer and on your mobile phone. From now on, you can check your account balance and transaction history on all your accounts in one login.