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price transfer

100% certainty

Funds only released  when all preconditions have been met

Your money is insured

This product is available at any branch

You can arrange escrow together with your KB mortgage loan

Selected price list items

0.2% of administered amount, min. CZK 6,000, max. CZK 20,000
Execution with an individual adjustment at client’s request
0.4 % of administered amount, min. CZK 12,000
Change in the account number or the time period at client’s request
CZK 1,500
Other changes at client’s request
0.2% of administered amount, min. CZK 6,000


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  • Service intended for 2 parties, a seller and a buyer of real estate in the Czech Republic
  • Under the Escrow Agreement, the buyer and the seller can be certain that the funds will be released
  • The bank agrees to accept the real estate purchase price and to release it, under the agreed terms and conditions, to the seller or return it to the buyer to an account maintained in the Czech Republic
  • You do not have to have a current account in KB to enter into this Escrow Agreement
  • Purchase price will be released upon the presentation of the documents specified in the Agreement
  • Purchase Price Escrow Agreement can be concluded at any KB branch
  • Use this Agreement when funding real estate acquisition with a KB mortgage loan (see the whole mortgage loan arrangement process)

Please present identity documents for all concerned parties, the purchase contract, and a copy of the entry in the Land Register.