Get up to CZK 2 500 000 for photovoltaic power station

Interest rate of 6.9% p.a.

Receive up to CZK 2,500,000

Possibility to use a government grant covering up to 50% of project costs

Loan processing free of charge

Prepay your loan at any time and free of charge


  • Negotiate your loan quickly at a branch

  • Finance a PV power station technology incl. installation

  • Special interest rate of 6.9% p.a. - irrespective of invested amount

  • No need to own the property in question

1st place for the Sustainable Technology Loan

“We are truly honoured to have received the “Zelená koruna” award. It proves that the right steps are being taken in KB. We are reducing our own consumption and providing our clients with products and services that are compatible with a sustainable approach. One of these products, our Sustainable Technology Loan, makes it possible to finance photovoltaic power stations or water management projects. Moreover, clients can benefit from special terms and conditions and use government grants to finance up to 50% of project costs,” said Jitka Haubová, Member of the Board and Chief Operating Officer.

Projects you can finance

  • Photovoltaic power stations
  • Heat pumps
  • Heat recovery and forced ventilation systems
  • Greywater recycling installations
  • Rainwater retention installations
  • Root zone wastewater treatment plants
  • Natural swimming ponds - without chemicals or technology
  • Green roofs
  • Green facades


The New Green Savings Programme (“NZÚ”) allows you to get a grant covering up to 50% of invested costs. If you intend to use a KB loan to finance your PV system installation, either in full or in part, the amount corresponding to the received grant may also be used as a prepayment of your loan. This will reduce the loan amount and adequately shorten the loan repayment period.

Get a loan

By phone

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At a branch

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Install sustainable technology in your home. Find out how you can get a photovoltaic system (solar panels), heat pump, root zone wastewater treatment plant and other installations on attractive terms.


Find a contractor

Consult the list of our trusted partners who offer photovoltaic solutions and other technology. Alternatively, you can find another contractor in line with your preferences and the required technology.

The list of our partners features companies that install photovoltaic power stations for domestic use (ČEZ and innogy) and efficient water management solutions (ASIO and Kořenovky).

Consult a specialised firm, select a solution, and request a bid

Request a consultation from your selected contractor. During the meeting, you will choose a convenient solution.

The contractor will present various alternatives that are suitable for your property and location – e.g. a heat pump in combination with solar panels, etc. – and prepare an offer. You will usually receive several options, together with return on investment calculations. In practice, a specialist will visit you on-site to go over all details and to assess whether your home is suitable for the relevant technology. He or she may also suggest alternative solutions. This will lead to a specific solution that can be installed within your property; the final project price is then determined and, where appropriate, the specific technology is installed.

Contracts, documents, and sustainable technology installation process

The normal practice is as follows: You and the selected contractor agree on the desired scope of your project and you will receive an offer. If you accept it, the contractor will prepare a works contract, project documentation, and any other applications and documents that might be necessary.

Project implementation:

The installation of a heat pump or solar panels (or other technology, as appropriate) usually requires at least some construction work. It always depends on the agreement between you and your contractor: is it a turnkey project? Will you carry out the preliminary works yourself or will you use another company? The implementation stage ends with the installation and commissioning of the selected technological solution.

Finance photovoltaic systems, heat pumps, and other technology

Since each project requires an individual solution, we advise you to contact your relationship manager, who will help you with the parameters of your loan with a view to finance a heat pump, solar panels or other technology in line with your specific needs.

KB funding is available virtually immediately after a contract is signed and can already be used for an initial advance payment. You can then draw additional funds under the sustainable technology loan gradually, in line with your needs and project timeframe.

Grants under the New Green Savings Programme (NZÚ)

Your contractor will usually assist you in securing a grant under the New Green Savings Programme (NZÚ).

Grants for photovoltaic systems, heat pumps, and other sustainable technology can cover up to 50% of project costs. The contractor will also help you with an application to the State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic (it may also be submitted online). Grants are usually paid out in 6 to 8 weeks. When you receive your grant(s), you can use the funds to repay your sustainable technology loan or use them otherwise.

Good to know

  • Get your loan at a KB branch.
  • You do not have to own the relevant property.
  • Guaranteed/fixed interest rate of 6.9% p.a.
  • Government grants may cover up to 50% of project costs. Consult the list of our trusted partners who will assist you in securing a grant. Get inspired by various turnkey projects or make an appointment to consult one of our partners.
  • You can repay your loan early at any time – at no additional cost.
  • Select a supplier for your photovoltaic power station
  • Secure the funding necessary for your investment
  • Get a loan of up to CZK 2,500,000
  • To get a loan, you must be have bank account with KB
  • Where can you find information about your consumer loan?

For information about your loan, go to your MojeBanka internet banking or Mobilní Banka mobile banking. For detailed information, you can also consult your loan agreement.

  • When will my loan payments take place?

To find out the exact date of your loan payments, consult your internet or mobile banking. As a general rule, consumer loan (credit) payments are made on the 10th, 15th or 20th day of each month.

  • Would you like to change the payment date?

You can change the date of your consumer loan payments at a branch. We recommend aligning your payment date with the date of your wage or salary (income).

In the event we do not receive your payment in a timely manner, we will notify you via a text message (SMS) and email free of charge so that you can settle the outstanding amount right away and avoid register entries, reminder letters or sanctions.

  • Are you unable to make payments?

Payment protection insurance will protect you from adverse implications of injuries, long-term incapacity for work, loss of employment, and other adverse events. The insurance company will cover your loan payments or even outstanding loan principal.

We advise you to regularly set aside at least 10% of your income to cope with unexpected situations.

  • Have you lost your job?

Please address the relevant situation as soon as possible. In case you know the problem is only temporary, it is possible to agree on postponement of payments. If you have payment protection insurance, the insurance company will cover your loan payments.

  • Would you like to assign your loan to a third party?

This is possible; however, the new debtor must first be approved by the bank (in terms of their ability to repay the loan) or sufficient security must be provided, as appropriate.

  • Do you have any other questions?

Contact your relationship manager or call our Infoline at 800 521 521.

Eligible loan applicants

You must be a Czech national or have permanent residence / residence permit in the Czech Republic.

Necessary documents

  • Two identity documents (e.g. your identity card and passport)
  • Proof of income or tax return (including a tax payment confirmation)
  • Works Contract relating to the PV power station construction entered into with your contractor (supplier)

Good to have

Term life insurance for mortgage loans
Insurance coverage for you and your whole family in case you are unable to make loan payments.
  • If you take out insurance to mortgage, you get 0,1 % p.a. lower interest rate
  • Also for all existing mortgages and loans
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Consolidate your loans, overdrafts, and credit cards up to CZK 2,500,000
  • We will consolidate your loans of up to CZK 2,500,000
  • Receive additional funds for anything
MůjÚčet Plus
Account for everyone with authorized overdraft up to CZK 60,000.
  • Cash withdrawals from KB ATM free of charge
  • 2 Cash withdrawal from ATM of other domestic banks monthly free of charge