Do not give money for renting 
someone else's apartment 

Individual interest rate

You can receive up to 100% of the required amount

Interest rate reduction with insurance from Komerční pojišťovna

In addition, you can receive up to CZK 800,000 for anything

You can repay 25% of your loan each year


  • You can use the mortgage to buy and build real estate, renovate it, buy a cooperative apartment, settle inheritance and use it for ancillary costs.

  • You can deduct the paid interest from your tax base.

  • Get full service in one place. You can read how everything goes in the Housing Guide (cz version).


Selected price list items

Evaluation of a loan application Special offer
CZK 2,900 Free of charge
Evaluation of risks related to residential unit / house - express Special offer
CZK 1,000 Free of charge
Evaluation of risks related to residential unit / house - standard Special offer
CZK 4,500 Free of charge
Drawing a loan
Free of charge
Drawing a loan on a deposit proposal Special offer
CZK 1,500 Free of charge
Credit administration
Free of charge
Credit account statement - Electronically
Free of charge


By phone

Leave it all up to us. Leave your contact information – we will call you back.

At a branch

Select a branch, leave your contact information – we will call you back.


Get the service online – directly in the MojeBanka application.



You can receive up to 100% of the amount required for housing-related expenses:

  • Purchase of a real property (or a co-ownership share thereof)
  • Settlement of co-ownership and inheritance claims relating to a real property
  • Purchase of a cooperative flat
  • Rent prepayment upon the conclusion of a tenancy agreement
  • Construction of a real property
  • Real property refurbishment, revamp and repair
  • Consolidation or refinancing of housing loans
  • Refunding of previous real property investments (no more than 1 year old)
  • Secondary costs (furniture, kitchen cabinets, etc.), up to 30% of the mortgage loan amount

Your frequently asked questions

Mortgage Loan variants

  • Mortgage Loan with advance drawdown

    We will provide you with funds for self-build construction or refurbishment based on a budget. The actual purpose is documented after the completion of specific work.

  • Flexible Mortgage Loan

    Reduce your payments by up to 50% or make no payments for up to 3 months.

  • Mortgage Loan 2 in 1

    You can receive up to CZK 400,000 for other purchases unrelated to housing at the same interest rate.

  • Reverse Mortgage Loan

    We will refund your housing-related expenses paid in the past 12 months. Combine this product with the Flexible Mortgage Loan or Mortgage Loan 2 in 1.

  • Construction without invoices

    Get funds for your self-build construction or refurbishment projects. The specific use of the provided funds is verified by a contract valuer.  

  • Refinancing Mortgage Loan

    Simple process and low interest rates – application assessment, valuation, loan administration, and loan drawdown based on a petition for mortgage registration, all free of charge.



  • Where can you find information about your mortgage loan?

    Everything you need to know is available in the MojeBanka internet banking and Mobilní Banka mobile banking applications. Detailed information is also specified in your loan agreement.

  • What day is your instalment payment due?

    The specific instalment payment day is shown in your internet / mobile banking. Payments are usually made on the 10th or 15th day of each month (or the 25th day of each month for older agreements).

  • Would you like to change the payment date?

    To change your instalment payment date, visit a KB branch. We recommend aligning your payment date with your pay date.

  • No payment made?

    In case we do not receive your instalment payment in time, we will notify you via a text message and e-mail free of charge. You can then immediately pay any outstanding amount and prevent registration in the credit bureau registers, written reminders, and sanctions.

  • Are you unable to make payments?

    Payment protection insurance will protect you in the event of injuries, long-term incapacity for work, job loss, and other adverse events. The insurance company will pay the relevant instalments or outstanding loan amount, as appropriate, for you. We recommend that you regularly set aside at least 10% of your income to cope with unexpected situations.

  • Have you lost your job?

    Please address the situation as soon as possible. In case you know it is a temporary problem it is possible to agree on postponement of payments. If you have payment protection insurance the insurance company will pay the relevant instalments or outstanding loan amount, as appropriate, for you.

  • Would you like to assign your loan to someone else?

    The assignment shall be subject to acceptance of the new debtor (i.e. the debtor’s ability to repay the loan) by the bank or the provision of sufficient security.

  • Do you have any other questions?

    Contact your relationship manager or call our information line at 800 521 521.

  • Relay mortgage
    It is a simple transfer of a mortgage from parents to children (or vice versa), thanks to which parents can help their children who are not yet eligible to reach a mortgage to get their own home

  • Mortgage with Advance Drawing
    Money for the self-help construction or reconstruction that we provide on a budget basis. You do not have to bring any invoices to us; it is necessary to prove the purpose only after you have carried out specific work

  • Flexible Mortgage
    You can reduce the repayments by up to 50% or interrupt the repayment for up to 3 months
  • 2-in-1 Mortgage
    For the same rate, you get up to CZK 400,000 for other non-housing purchases
  • Back Mortgage
    We will reimburse you for housing investments from the last year. You can combine it with Flexible Mortgage or 2-in-1 Mortgage
  • Refinancing Mortgage
    Settle easily and with a low interest rate. We will evaluate your application, appraisal, loan management and drawing on your deposit proposal free of charge
  • Mortgage without real estate
    We will provide you with a mortgage before you choose a property. Looking for a new house or flat goes easier with a mortgage in your pocket

  • Loan drawdown based on a petition for mortgage registration 
  • You can make an extraordinary payment of up to 25% of your loan amount each year
  • Lower interest rate with a term life policy from Komerční pojišťovna, a.s.
  • Draw down your mortgage loan within 2 weeks from the submission of all documents
  • Free professional consulting by mortgage loan specialists
  • We will arrange for property valuation and obtain the certificate of title
  • Individual approach to your financing requirements
  • Comprehensive service at a single business point
  • Loan administration and electronic bank account statements (credit and current accounts) free of charge
  • Mortgage loan for special purposes as well, such as real estate auction or investment
  • Reduce your taxable income by any interest paid on your loan
  • Repay your loan early upon interest rate expiration without any sanctions

You are only 3 simple steps away:

  1. Arrange a meeting at one of our branches

    We will go over all aspects – from the applicable terms to your visions.

  2. Wait for mortgage loan approval

    We will assess the risk of the security and start drafting the required documents.

  3. Sign agreements

    Finally, you have to sign 3 agreements (loan agreement, security agreement, and the petition for mortgage registration).

For the entire process and useful tips, see our housing guide.

For more information, see the documents.

Model example

Loan amount CZK 3,000,000, maturity 30 years, fixed interest rate 2,79% p.a, fixation 5 years, APR 3,32%, total amount payable CZK 4,708,604.68​. 1st interest payment CZK 3,255, 2.-359. annuity installment CZK 12,333, 360th annuity installment CZK 12,235.68. One-off fees for: arranging a loan of CZK 2,900, real estate valuation of CZK 1,000, proposal for entry in the land register of CZK 2,000, proposal for deletion from the land register of CZK 2,000. Monthly fees for: loan management CZK 0, current account MyAccount CZK 0, el. statements 0 CZK, risk life insurance 750 CZK. The example is calculated on the date of drawing August 1, 2021 and the repayment period of the loan always on the 15th day of the month. Reinsurance - lien on the property, including property insurance.


Development projects

Choose from development projects implemented in cooperation with Komerční Banka and benefit from favourable financing conditions.

Good to have

MojePojištění majetku
Insurance covering property, liability, and damage caused by you or your family
  • Now with discount
    up to 20 %
  • Damages are paid out in the value of new product
  • No risk of underinsurance - your property is always insured for current value
Term life insurance for mortgage loans
Insurance coverage for you and your whole family in case you are unable to make loan payments.
  • If you take out insurance to mortgage, you get 0,1 % p.a. lower interest rate
  • Also for all existing mortgages and loans