Dear Clients, The weekend will see the arrival of a new version of Mobilní banka and Mobilní banka Business. One of the changes is stronger authentication, which is referred to as Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). Another change is the ability to use Mobilní banka and Mobilní banka Business only from a device that has been registered (assigned) in the MojeBanka online banking application. We will register your device automatically.

Since the very beginning we have sought to secure your accounts as best as possible. For continued use of Mobilní banka and Mobilní banka Business, the application will have to be registered (assigned) through the online banking channel or at a KB branch. We will do it for you so that you don’t have to worry about it because of the update. We will automatically register all the devices from which you have logged in over the last 60 days. Stronger authentication will also apply for the future. Thus, if you install a new application don’t forget to register it immediately following the instructions in manual.

You will then be able to use the application in two ways. One is the passive mode when you can only view accounts in Mobilní banka. The active mode is a full-scale pocket-size Mobilní banka with payments, settings, and investments, simply all the functionalities and features to which you have become accustomed.