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ClaimAir is a service that helps you solve air travel issues. It provides comprehensive services for claiming compensation for flight irregularities (delays, cancellations, denied boarding) and issues related to luggage transportation (delay, loss, damage). ClaimAir, thanks to its web application, will help you find out if you are entitled to compensation, and if so, it will handle everything needed to get it.

People often do not know their rights when traveling by air, and most air carriers do not provide detailed legal information. In such cases, passengers are exposed to stress and unable to deal effectively with the situation, whether at the airport or on arrival at the destination. ClaimAir allows passengers to easily find out what kind of compensation they are entitled to and receive compensation through their knowledge of the regulatory environment. The claim settlement rate for ClaimAir is 95%.

ClaimAir helps clients to obtain financial compensation based on a legal claim, such as the following:

The family of three was about to fly from Shanghai to Frankfurt. Their flight was canceled just before the flight due to the aircraft's technical problem. Passengers complained directly to the airline with which they were to fly. However, their claim for compensation was refused even though they were entitled to a financial compensation of EUR 620 per passenger. The passengers turned to ClaimAir. ClaimAir has collected all relevant documents and, together with them, has submitted a written complaint to the airline with proper legal arguments. After five weeks, passengers have received the full amount of compensation provided for by the legislation.

You can report your complaint to the airline via, specifically designed for Komerční banka's clients. You enter your flight information, answer a few simple questions and find out what you are entitled to. It'll take you a minute. You can also contact AXA Assistance at (+420) 272 10 10 11 to help you enter your information. 

You don't have to do anything after notifying and delivering the necessary documents. ClaimAir will handle all airline communications for you and keep you up to date. The overall process takes an average of 8 weeks. It depends mainly on the airline's willingness to cooperate.

You pay nothing in advance to ClaimAir. Only if ClaimAir gets the compensation for you, you pay 25% of this compensation. For Komerční banka's clients, this reward is 20%, so ClaimAir sends you 80% of the amount paid out.

Claims can be made for earlier flights, up to 2 years retrospectively (up to 6 years for flights to or from the UK).

PLEASE NOTE! In the case of a baggage delay issues, an official complaint must be sent within 21 days since getting the baggage back. In the case of damaged baggage, an official airline complaint must be sent within 7 days since arrival.

Komerční banka is not responsible for providing ClaimAir services.