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Online payments credited
to your account immediately

Payments credited to your account in just a few minutes

Guarantee that payments will be executed properly and right away

Automatic payment verification in combination with Direct Channel


In order to use the application you need a personal and company certificate. See instructions on how to get it.

  • MojePlatba makes it possible to receive credit transfers immediately after goods or services are purchased and paid online
  • Available to individuals, business owners, companies, municipalities and their clusters, regions and organisations formed by them
  • Place the MojePlatba button on your website and customers will be redirected to MojeBanka internet banking and pre-filled payment orders
  • Customers sign their payment orders with an electronic signature
  • Transaction notification following successful authorisation
  • So-called Guaranteed Payment
  • Payment subject to hold until it is booked
  • Security solution uses electronic signature
  • Guaranteed security of data transmission between the merchant, bank and customer
  • Protection from online threats with Trusteer Rapport
  • Benefit from our support at +420 955 551 552 – available on workdays from 8am to 10pm