Resolving complaints and claims

How to
and claims?

If you are not satisfied with keeping
your account or with the services,
you may submit your possible
complaint or claim electronically,
by telephone or in person at any branch.

The complaint will be settled
within 30 calendar days, if it relates
to payment transactions,
within 15 calendar days.

First instance

You can file a complaint or complaint electronically, by phone or in person at any branch. If you file a complaint or complaint in person, it is possible to prepare a record of the meeting, of which we will of course provide a copy.

How to contact us:
• at the branch where you have an account (written, phone, orally)
• on free Infoline of Komerční banka 800 521 521
• at the email address
• via our form >

Second instance

Quality and Customer Experience

If you are not satisfied with resolving your first-instance complaint or complaint, you can write to the second instance, specifically the Quality and Customer Experience department.

Komerční banka, a.s.
Quality and customer experience
Na Příkopě 969/33
114 07 Praha 1

Third instance

KB Ombudsman

If you do not agree to resolving your complaint or complaint by Quality and Customer Experience, you have the opportunity to contact an independent Ombudsman in writing, in accordance with the Ombudsman's Charter. More information about the KB Ombudsman can be found on this page.

Komerční banka, a.s.
Na Příkopě 969/33
14 07 Praha 1