What PRIIPS brings

Regulation 1286/2014 on key information documents for packaged retail and insurance-based investment products (PRIIPs) introduced an obligation to provide customers who are not professional according to MiFID II regulation with Key information document (KID) prior to any investment in a retail investment product.

KID = Key Information Document is created for the purpose of simple understanding of the product and for the possibility of comparing the offer with other providers.

Products of financial markets

Komerční banka, a.s. (hereinafter referred to as "KB"), will create and provide KID for the customer's investment in structured deposits to retail investors. Currently, KB allows retail clients to trade the Dual deposit product. Only MIFID Professional clients can trade the Digital deposit product. Due to the method of negotiation the trade (by telephone), the customer will receive the KID in an electronic form to a pre-arranged email address. The KB provides the KID as generic - that is, general. The retail investor will receive the parameters of a specific deal in the so-called Termsheet.

KB does not provide KIDs for hedging transactions. Nevertheless, on a client’s request, KB is ready to provide specific information related to hedging trades, even to clients categorized as professional according to MiFID II regulation. The provision of such information might be subject to fees.

KID for Dual currency deposit

Key information document (KID) valid from 1. 5. 2024

Key information document (KID) valid till 1. 5. 2024

Other structured retail investment products and insurance-based investment products

KB provides KIDs to clients when offering other products, namely investment funds and investment life insurance. A client will be provided with a KID ahead of their first investment in the chosen product in a pre-agreed form, i.e. electronically or on paper.

KB is not a manufacturer of these products. Amundi Czech Republic, investment company, a.s., is the primary manufacturer of the investment funds offered by KB and KIDs are available on the website of this company, where clients can access them ahead of any investment.

The list of currently offered funds is available here.

The KID is available in detailed information of each fund.

The manufacturer of investment life insurance offered by KB is Komerční pojišťovna, a.s. KIDs of individual funds which might be invested in within this product type are available here.

Notice to investors

Shall a client decide to invest in other structured retail investment products not normally offered by KB, KB cannot guarantee they will receive the KID. The reason for not providing the KID might be its non-existence (in case the PRIIPs regulation does not apply to the manufacturer of the product), the non-existence of the Czech version of the KID or other circumstances that make it difficult to obtain the KID and provide it to the client in Czech.