How to make paperless payments

Advantages of online payments

  • Save CZK 100 on each online payment vs. paper form
  • Online payments are simple and secure
  • Together, we can save more than 600,000 sheets of paper a year with online payments 
  • Sign in and authorise payments with KB Klíč that is also used as your bank identity 
  • With online banking, you can keep a constant eye on your account, conveniently manage your finances, order additional products, and much more 

Online payments are simple

  1. Sign in to your Internet or mobile banking 
  2. Select Payments 
  3. Specify the recipient’s account number in the relevant field (just like you would in case of a payment order in paper form) 
  4. Specify the relevant amount as well as any other information, as necessary (e.g. variable or specific symbol) 
  5. Confirm your payment(s)

Online payments are secure

  • You can make payments only after you sign in to your Internet or mobile banking; each payment must be confirmed
  • We are monitoring all payments – in the event we suspect that something is wrong, we will contact you and make sure that the relevant payment was in fact made by you
  • There are additional measures to protect you against various attacks, such as Trusteer that prevents your passwords from being stolen and notifies you of fraudulent websites

To find out more, review our Security Decalogue

Online payments are free

Compared to payment orders in paper form, you can definitely save money with online payments made via your Internet or mobile banking.

  • Online payments made via Internet or mobile banking – FREE OF CHARGE 
  • Payments in “paper form” made at a branch (even via our self-service boxes) – CZK 100 

In case you submit a payment order (or if you set up or change a standing order, direct debit or SIPO authorisation), you will be charged CZK 100 for each transaction. Cancellation of one-off payments, standing orders, direct debit or SIPO authorisations submitted in paper form is free of charge. 

On the other hand, you can not only cancel payment orders or direct debit/SIPO authorisations online free of charge, you can also set them up and change them (applies to both individuals and businesses). One-off payments via Internet or mobile banking are either included in the relevant account fee for selected products (MůjÚčet Plus, MůjÚčet Gold, G2.2, TOP Offer, Profi Account Gold, and KB+ clients using Start, Standard, Comfort, and Exclusive tariffs) or in the transaction package (Profi Account or Komplet package). A fee of CZK 6 will be charged for other types of current accounts (e.g. MůjÚčet). Cancellation of one-off payments is free of charge.

We are here to help you

If you are not sure how to go about this, we will be happy to explain everything and help you set up your Internet and mobile banking. 

If you make an appointment at a branch, bring your notebook, smartphone or tablet. 

You can also contact us via our toll-free Infoline at 800 521 521 or use our “Call me back” form and will be get back to you.