KB Banking Identity for corporations

The easiest and most secure method of online authentication for everyone

Digitalised processes

Your customers will no longer have to visit you in person and will be able to handle everything online. We will link KB Banking Identity with your systems in a quick and simple manner, allowing you to focus on increasing sales and serving more customers.

Maximum security

Your customers’ data are protected in line with the highest security standards. We transfer data in a secure manner, always subject to customers’ express consent, disclosing the transferred data in their entirety. The data are always up-to-date and verified. The security of data transfers is ensured by Bankovní identita, a. s. – BankID in compliance with the BankID and Electronic Identification Act.

Cost savings

With KB Banking Identity, you will be able to cut your operating costs, particularly thanks to process automation and fulfilment of associated obligations online. Further cost savings will come from lower consumption of paper and office supplies, and other operating costs.

Less paperwork

No need to deal with tedious paperwork anymore. Your customers will be able to handle everything online in a matter of seconds, allowing you to protect the environment with KB Banking Identity.

About KB banking identity

Find out how banking identity works and how it can be useful for your business.
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Your company will benefit from BankID if you

Have an online store or client portal

- Verified sign-ins of your customers into an online store or client portal
- Your customers only need one set of credentials
- With BankID, more customers will complete their registration process and transactions in your online store / client portal

Need to verify identity of your customers

- Unambiguous identification via a credible and secure method reduces fraud
- With BankID, you can verify your customer’s identity up to the level required under the applicable AML legislation
- Obtain verified information about your customers needed to enter into a contract relating to your product

Sign contracts with your customers

- Automatic completion of verified customer data with BankID
- Lower number of incomplete contracts or online forms – increase conversion by up to 30%
- Online signature of the contract by the customer using BankID at the level of a guaranteed electronic signature (according to eIDAS)

Services available with BankID

BankID currently offers 3 basic services for more than 6 million clients of Czech banks.

With a single contract, you will gain access to all clients of participating banks.


- Basic BankID service
- One method for your customers’ online sign-ins
- Suitable for online stores, client zones, and applications where customers need to sign in


- Online verification of your customers’ identity without the need of in-person visits
- Also available as Identify PLUS or AML
- Suitable for online completion and verification of data needed for contracts with customers
- Free automatic notifications when your customer’s data change


- Online signing of contracts
- Documents signed with customers using their BankID

You will receive the following customer data

Disclosed customer data for individual service levels

User’s ID, name and surname, telephone, and email
Addresses, date of birth, titles, gender, personal/national ID number, bank account

Place of birth, marital status, identification document, legal status

Information required for remote customer identification under AML legislation

How does it work?

Select a service and we will agree on cooperation

Select the service you wish to use and our experts will agree on cooperation with you. And if you are not sure about which service to choose, they will be happy to assist you.

We will test the solution

Once we agree on our cooperation, we will test the link with your online services.

See the site for developers to find everything you need. We will then prepare an official launch of the banking identity with your system.

We will the link services

In case everything works properly, we will link your service with BankID. Your clients will be able to make full use of BankID in no time.

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