Security Password

Confirm the login to Internet banking also using a push-button phone

How to active your security password

  1. On the Mojebanka internet banking page, enter the 9-digit Identification number from the contract in the "Username" field and click CONTINUE
  2. Then enter the Activation Code you received from the bank advisor
  3. Then enter the Verification code sent in the SMS
  4. Set a username of your choice. Then click CONTINUE
  5. Set a password to log in with. The password must meet the following conditions:
      - at least 8 characters long
      - one CAPITAL letter
      - one lowercase letter
      - one digit, one special character
  6. Click CONTINUE and you're done!

Working with a security password

In order to sign in to and verify transactions in the MojeBanka / MojeBanka Business internet banking using a Security Password, proceed as follows.

Enter your user name using your computer

On the sign-in page, enter your user name selected during the Security Password activation process.

Enter your security password and the verification SMS code (as appropriate)

The system will recognise you and invite you to enter your security password and SMS code, as appropriate.

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