How to make a one-time change to the limit for outgoing payments

You can quickly increase your limit using internet banking, Mobilní banka or via our Customer Service


In order to increase the limit using your internet banking, you need KB Klíč

Mobilní banka

Simply increase the limit in your mobile phone

Direct Banking Customer Service

Call us at +420 955 551 515

How does the one-time limit increase work?

  • We will increase your limit for one day. Such increased limit is valid to 8:30 pm of the day, on which you made the relevant change
  • You can change your limit up to 5 times during a single day
  • The limit increase applies to all your accounts
  • If you wish to increase your limit permanently, please visit any of our branches

The limit increase only applies to outgoing payments. If you wish to increase your limit for card payments or ATM withdrawals, go to card settings. For more information, see our payment card support section.

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