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You can now authorise online
payments using KB Klíč as well

How to enable online payments for your payment card?
  • You can enable or disable online payments (i.e. payments on the Internet), at any time and with immediate effect, using your MojeBanka internet banking or Mobilní banka app (go to Cards → Card summary → Go to details → Modify card settings)
  • Alternatively, you can handle this at a branch or via Expresní linka (if you have Expresní linka, please call +420 955 559 559 or +420 738 759 559 (T-Mobile))
How to recognize secure online stores?
  • If possible, always select online stores that support the 3D Secure technology. Such stores feature the following logos:


You could also come across older logos:

Mastercard SecureCode     Verified by VISA

How to make online payments?
  • It is really simple. Just enter some of your card data. Most often, you only have to submit your card number, expiration date, and the three-digit card verification code (CVC) located on the back of your card. You then confirm your payment using KB Klíč or one-time password sent to your registered telephone number
  • In some cases, you will not have to confirm your payment – either using KB Klíč or one-time password (e.g. in case you have signed in with the given online store or use your card to make very low payments – the online store may assess your payment as secure and will not require further authentication)
How does payment authorisation with KB Klíč work?
  • KB Klíč is a more convenient alternative to SMS codes you use today. It works in the same manner as when you confirm payments using your MojeBanka or MojeBanka Business internet banking
  • You will receive a notification on your phone that will take you to the KB Klíč app. In the app, you will see the details of your payment and can confirm the payment – either using the PIN of the KB Klíč app, fingerprint detection or facial recognition
  • What do you need to do to start using KB Klíč for card payments? There is no need to apply for anything. If your KB Klíč is active, everything will work automatically
  • You currently do not have KB Klíč; however, you wish to get it and are looking for related information
  • Even if you use KB Klíč, we will ask you to verify some payments using an SMS code from time to time in order to enhance payment security


Are you worried about handling complaints? There is no need - we will help you.

You regularly check your transactions. If you find any discrepancy regarding your card transactions – e.g. an incorrectly charged amount, wrong currency, unauthorised or incorrect transaction – contact us immediately through our Card Customer Service at +420 955 512 230. We will verify the relevant payment with you and if it is necessary to file a complaint, we will explain everything that has to be done.

Updated: 13. 05. 2020

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